Reading Her Body Language

Ninety percent of communication is non-verbal. This means that only ten percent of our communication is about what is said between two people, and the rest is all about body language.

That means if you pay attention to what a woman is trying to say to you with her body language, it can save you a lot of time when it comes to finding women who are attracted to you and saves you from wasting time on women who aren't attracted to you.

By learning about the different types of body language used most often, you can learn a lot about a girl. There are some things that tend to be universal when it comes to body language, and usually if someone is attracted to you, their body language will show it.

Of course, if the woman is shy or has had a terrible day, her body language may suggest that she is not totally into you. If you feel like this is the case, persist a bit and find out what is going on behind that contradictory body language. To know if a woman finds you attractive, you need to watch her reactions to you. For instance, if a woman flips her hair and then looks at you, she is trying to get your attention.

She is also trying to get your attention if she makes eye contact with you and holds that eye contact for more than a moment. When you go up and start talking to her, if she leans toward you while you are speaking, touches your arm when making a point, smiles a lot and continues to make lasting eye contact with you, she definitely wants to get to know you better.

A woman with arms and legs that are uncrossed when talking to you is open to learning more about you. Also, a woman will usually only expose her wrists and hands to someone she likes. Finally, a woman with pupils that dilate when talking to you is interested.

Some things that should tell you right away that a woman is not interested is if she crosses her arms or legs, or looks away from you while you are talking, then she is probably not going to want to continue talking with you. A woman that leans away from you and angles her shoulders away from you is also giving you signals to leave.

If she rolls her eyes, then it is a sure sign that you are not going to get anywhere with her. It is best to move on and find someone that is more receptive to you. Perhaps you notice that someone across the room was looking at you, but you aren't sure if it was you or someone else and you don't want to approach her and look like an idiot if she was checking someone else out.

The next time she looks over, glance noticeably down at your watch and then look at her. She will unconsciously mimic the gesture and start wondering what it is you are waiting for, which provides you with the perfect subject for starting a conversation. Learning about body language can make you much more successful at meeting women.

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