Making Your Relationship Great

You got the girl; you are in a relationship, now the work is over, right? Wrong. As a matter of fact, once you are in a relationship, you need to work at it or it will be over quicker than it started.A woman who is bored or feels unappreciated will not stay with you. So you need to put a bit of effort into your relationship.

This is not as hard as it might seem, however. Most women appreciate even a little bit of effort, and will be happy to be with you if you give your relationship some attention.

With that being said, the first thing to remember to make your relationship great and also make it a lasting one is to keep things happening. This means that you need to try new things, and not just in the bedroom. You cannot sit in front of the TV every night and expect your girlfriend to do the same.

You need to go out to dinner, to a movie, go dancing at a club, or try something together that neither one of you have done before. Take up bungee jumping, in-line skating, a martial arts class or a ballroom dancing class.

Doing these things together not only strengthens your relationship, it shows a woman that you are interested in creating unique memories and experiences with her. Variety is the spice of life, and having some variety in the activities you engage in during your relationship will pay off.

You should also never borrow money from your girlfriend. This is a big no-no and will eventually lead to relationship problems. If you can't provide for yourself, how can you show her you can provide for her? If you are irresponsible with your money, it looks bad to her, and can make her unsure about staying in a relationship with you. So take care of your finances and live within your means.

Being honest with her is also important. No good relationship is built on dishonesty. This means being honest about your feelings, or about something that makes you mad or whether or not you are ready to move to the next stage of a relationship. This does not mean that you should say yes when she asks you if she looks fat.

Never, ever do that. Instead, say something tactful, such as "That color looks great on you." Open communication is important, but you also need to practice tact and knowing when to carefully skirt the issue at hand. Don't get too serious too quickly, either.

A good relationship may start with red hot sex, but if it is going to last, it will develop over time. Excellent sex is a good basis to build a relationship on, but there are many other parts to relationships, and if you love the way she is in bed but can't stand the way she operates out of bed, chances are it will probably not last.

Give a relationship time and space to grow. You will be glad you did. When problems occur, don't jump ship right away. Every relationship goes through some hard times. You need to give you and her the chance to work it out before you decide it is not right for you.

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