How To Get Her To Talk Dirty In Bed

If a woman talking dirty is something that totally turns you on but the current woman in your life has no idea where or how to begin when it comes to erotic sex talk, here are some tips to give her a nudge in the right direction. Once she starts doing it, she may find that she enjoys it as much as you do.

The first thing to do is to tell her you really find it sexy, and you want her to try it. Tell her that you will be supportive of her efforts and that talking dirty in bed gets easier with time.

Also you need to let her know that it will not shock her if she uses four letter words. Some women are afraid that their man will think less of them if those dirty words are coming out of her mouth.

But the fact is, that is why talking dirty turns a man on so much. They love hearing those things out of her sweet, dainty mouth. The combination of beautiful woman and naught language is pretty much a universal turn on for most men. So set her mind at ease by giving her permission to say anything she wants.

Tell her it might help for her to practice saying these things out loud by herself. It is a lot easier to say something out loud to someone else if you have said it out loud to yourself several times. Practice really does make it easier, and saying these naughty things with no one around can give her the confidence to say them to you.

Give her some material to work with. For instance, show her a porn movie you enjoy or give her a couple of men's magazines and let her get an idea of what to say. Many women would love to talk dirty to their partner but have no idea what to say. Giving her some examples can make it easier for her to make up her own dirty phrases.

While it seems that men are born with a sexual vocabulary, women are not. So giving her some ways to increase her sexual vocabulary is a great way to add to her comfort level for talking dirty in bed. Another great way to get her more comfortable with talking dirty is to engage in sex talk over the phone.

Try a little phone sex with her. It may be easier for her to do it when you are not face to face. On the phone, she will definitely be braver and it is a good stepping stone to face to face, in bed dirty talk.

Finally, be supportive of every effort she makes. Tell her it really turns you on when she tries, even if those first efforts are not exactly what you expected. She will get better and if you express enthusiasm for the dirty words or naughty phrases that she uses you will get more the next time you are in bed together.

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