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Some women are completely turned off by the thought of anal sex. The fact is, however, that anal sex is a fairly common practice among many couples. There is actually no reason to feel embarrassed about anal play because it is something that can be a natural part of the sexual experience.

The anus is definitely a hot erogenous zone because this area is loaded with nerve endings, and most people find that gently stimulating these areas of the body can be very enjoyable indeed.

The woman you are with has never tried anal sex, and you either enjoy it or want to introduce her to it, it is best to approach the subject slowly. Talk to her about it and see what her feelings are on the subject.

You may be surprised to find that many women are interested in trying anal sex but don't know how to go about asking their partner about it. It may be that your desires are not that far different, and that the thought of anal sex excites her as much as it excites you. If she is against trying anal sex for whatever reasons, it can be helpful to give her a book that explains it or watch a video together that gives helpful information on how to enjoy anal sex.

Once she knows more about it, she might be more willing to try it. It is best to start off slowly when introducing anal sex play into your relationship. Because the anus has no natural lubricants like the vagina, you will need to find a lubricant you are both comfortable with. Since there are such a wide variety of lubricants out there, it should not be a problem.

However, you should keep in mind that petroleum based lubricants can compromise the effectiveness of condoms. Start with some gentle touching of the area and see if she likes it. You can move on to inserting a finger into her anus, or start experimenting with small vibrators or other toys that are designed for anal play.

All of this should be done slowly, and your partner should let you know what she does and does not enjoy so that it can be a good experience for both of you. It is always the best choice to go slowly with anal play because it is such a sensitive area. Often, a woman's body needs time to learn to accommodate having fingers, toys or your penis into her anus.

Once you have gone through the process of various types of anal play, you can move up to anal sex. You should use plenty of lubricant, and it is generally better to try anal sex in the doggy style position. This allows the woman to be in control of how fast or slow your penis goes into her anus.

Allow her to back into you instead of you going forward into her. It will allow her to do things gradually as her body accommodates your penis. Anal sex can be an enjoyable experience for both of you as long as you remember to be mindful of her feelings and to take it slowly so that you can both learn to enjoy it together.

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