Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

This article is worth your read. It contains a brief explanation of everything you need to know about natural penis enlargement exercises.

First and foremost, you must already be wondering whether natural penis enlargement exercises exist at all. Yes, they do, and these activities are capable of transforming your manhood in so many ways. Apart from enlarging your male organ, natural PE exercises can help you maintain a firm and long lasting erections. They are also considered good for the maintenance of both sexual and penile health. Individuals dealing with reduced sexual stamina can also rely on these exercises to improve the situation.

Penis enlargement exercises that are performed manually facilitate increased blood flow to the penis. They also help to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for causing an erection. If you are having challenges controlling your ejaculation, natural PE exercises can come in handy. I have included the most practical and common types of natural exercises here.

It is worth noting that not all natural exercises are for penis enlargement. Let us consider each of these exercises and their purposes.

1. Kegels

Traditionally, Kegels exercises were popular among women for the purpose of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles – popularly known as PC muscles. Nowadays, they are recommended for men. This is mainly because they provide the benefit of greater control of ejaculation and improved quality of erections. As such, if you are tired of humiliating experiences arising from premature ejaculation or weak erections during sex, this is probably the first method that you need to try out.

Kegels are pretty much easy to perform. However, you require a little practice to master this art and do it safely and correctly. It entails contraction of the PC muscles. It is just the same thing as stopping urine flow during urination. The most opportune moment to isolate the right muscles for Kegels is when urinating. Try to squeeze and then hold the contraction for around three to five seconds. For effectiveness purposes repeat these 10 times at least three times daily.

2. Stretching

If done consistently and accurately, penis stretching can help in penis length increase. This technique can be approached in different ways. Beginners are advised to start with basic stretching and then proceed to advanced variations. The intensity and time taken per session should be increased gradually. If combined with Kegels and jelqing on a regular basis, you will obtain better gains. Your sexual performance will improve significantly.

3. Jelqing

Also known as milking motion, jelqing has proven highly effective as far as expansion is concerned. It is performed in the same way as a cow is milked – this explains the “milking motion” term. This technique is popular among the Arab tribesmen since many centuries ago. It is a fundamental part of the teenage boys who are transiting to manhood. This PE method has proven to be an excellent way of increasing the penile girth. If you think that your penis girth isn’t adequately big, jelqing is undoubtedly a great starting point.

There you have it. Kegels for improved sexual performance, stretching for penis length and jelqing for penis girth growth. A combination of these three techniques will indeed produce super amazing results.

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