Making A Homemade Vibrating Penis Pump

Do you wish you had a vibrating penis pump? Well, while you may opt to purchase one, there is yet another way through which you can afford one – making yours from the comfort of your home. Of course, the store-bought ones are a bit advanced and more functional compared to the ones made at home. A vibrating penis pump brings added sexual pleasure while at the same time improving the quality of erections. Men who have used it say that it is a superb tool for masturbation due to the satisfying vibrations.

In many instances, the vibration mechanism is usually placed at the top. There will be different ways of activating the device. The penis tip seems to take all the brunt of the vibrations generated by the device. Nothing can be blamed on coincidence as far as the design of the vibrating penis pump is concerned. It is meant to help men enjoy sexual stimulation.

Penis stimulation leads to the creation of more powerful and longer lasting erections. This is mainly because the volume of blood flowing to the penis increases significantly during pumping. This device is highly recommended for men who are not only looking for a sex toy, but also something capable of enhancing the performance of their male members.

So, how do you go about making a homemade vibrating penis pump? First and foremost, you must have all the items needed to make a good vibrating penis pump. Gather the following items:

  • A plastic bottle such as the ones for sodas
  • A knife. It should be sufficiently sharp to cut the bottle
  • A small hose pipe with reverse functionality
  • A good tape (for holding the different parts of the pump together). It should be one of the best quality tapes available in the market
  • Some cotton

One of the advantages of making a vibrating penis pump at home is the ease of availability of the above materials. You are now three steps away from making this incredible device.

  • Start by cutting the base of the empty plastic bottle – just the bottom. It is important to note that you are in the process of making a cylinder that will hold your third leg. As such, keep your penis size in mind when cutting the base of the bottle. You don’t want to be too small or too big for your penis.
  • The next step entails fixing the hose pump over the bottom of the bottle that has been cut. Care must be taken to avoid leaving any space between the cylinder and the hose pipe. Avoid being too economical with the tape. At the same, ensure that there is a vacuum in the cylinder. If you have access to the pressure rubber, the more convenience you will enjoy. It makes it easier for the hose pipe to get fixed with the cylinder.
  • Sometimes, the hose pipe might feel rough. This is where the cotton comes in handy. Remember, you want this area to be as smooth as possible as it will come into contact with your skin.

See how simple it is to make a masturbator at home?

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