How To Measure Your Penis

A huge number of men are concerned about their penis size for varying reasons. They are concerned about their ability to please a woman, their self confidence as well as for purposes of respect. Nearly every man has compared his penis size with that of others in the urinals, in the locker rooms and any other place he had an opportunity to steal a glance.

They don't do so because they are sexually attracted (including homosexuals). Rather, it's because they want to know how they measure compared to fellow men. This shouldn't come as a surprise especially due to the fact that men are programmed to be competitive in nature. For instance, a man wants to know that he is bigger than the ex of his current woman. Although most of them don't usually ask, this is something that terrorises their minds more often.

The internet has supplied us with enough information about the average penis size, small penis size and what experts consider super-size. You may have wanted to measure your dick but not really sure how to go about it. Measuring your wiener is particularly important for individuals pursuing penis enlargement. It is advisable to monitor your progress in order to know if you are obtaining any gains. How do you go about it?

Let's make one thing clear first

Do you take measurements for your erect or flaccid penis? Well, the idea is to have a larger cock capable of better satisfying your sexual partner. In that regard, the most practical thing is to measure your penis while erect. This takes us to another question- should it be partially or fully erect? This second question is a demanding one. Nearly every man has some curve on his penis, even if just a little. Unless it's not Peyronie's disease, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

The normal curvature may either be to the left, to the right or even in the upwards. When your penis is fully erect, the curvature will have an impact on how you measure the length. Some men prefer allowing their penises to be partially erect up to the straightest point prior to taking measurements. On the other hand, others prefer attaining a full erection after which they use a flexible measuring tape in order to obtain accurate readings. You may use whichever approach you find comfortable. Of utmost importance is to ensure consistency particularly if you are under a penis enlargement program. Flaccid penis size almost never has any impact on the erect penis size.

Where does the measurement begin? According to the experts, measures should begin at the base, at the point where your penis and abdomen meets. You have two options; measuring from the base to the penis tip or starting from the base, all the way to the glans' bottom. It is important to note that even the straightest cocks a minimal upward curvature. Besides, an erection makes the penis look upwards which causes extension of the underside and the compression of the top. To ensure accurate readings, ensure to use a flexible measuring tape that runs from the base to the shaft. A flexible measuring tape comes extremely in handy when measuring the penis girth.

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