Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis?

The fact that men desire bigger penises is irrefutable. It is true that men seem to care so much about the size of their penises. There are so many reasons for this. First and foremost, men can't help but bow to the never ending social pressure. This pressure is presently higher than ever with the large supply of porn women's magazines, as well as pop and Hollywood culture which suggests that bigger is actually better. Unfortunately, a larger dick is still equated with success and power even in this day and age. However, there are numerous other reasons why men want a larger penis.

The greatest reason men desire a bigger penis is for them to please their partners. Nothing brings down the masculinity of a man than his inability to sexually satisfy a woman. Men tend to think that women want bigger penises. This explains why some men even go to the extent of pursuing penis enlargement programs. On the other hand, in as much as women are concerned with the penis size, they prefer a bigger penis girth instead of the larger penis in terms of length.

This is actually one of the areas where men are mistaken when it comes to what women want- for them, penis length doesn't really matter. The penis girth is what is important for women for it to adequately stimulate both vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Besides there is the visual stimulation among women which makes sex more pleasurable for them. Women are sexually excited when they see a fuller and hard erect penis.

Almost every guy loves his penis. In fact, it is the central focus for the majority of them. There are only very few men who wouldn't want a bigger penis. But there is nothing wrong with penis enlargement out of vanity. In any case, it isn't any difference with the case of a man who works out the gym to enhance his body. As long as it is achieved safely, enlarging your penis is healthy. Further, it is important to manage your expectations of how much you wish to gain. This is very useful in preventing possible frustrations.

Another reason why men want a bigger penis is because they are usually ridiculed for their small penises. No man wishes to face such humiliating instances, another day in their life. As a result, they seek methods of enlarging their penises. Most of the time, these men are mainly concerned with their flaccid penis length. Men who worry about this are the ones who have to expose their naked bodies on a regular basis- such as men involved in sports and those that work out in the gym.

Other men pursue penis enlargement to boost their levels of self confidence and self esteem. This is the category of men who suffer from low self esteem and tend to believe that possessing a bigger penis will resolve their confidence problems. They are not satisfied with their penis sizes regardless of how much gain they obtain from penis enlargement programs. Unfortunately, this class of men end up experiencing penis injury.

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