Steroids Can Shrink A Man's Penis

The Harmful Effect of Steroid on Your Penis and It's Size

Steroids are basically used by athletes, body builders, and also by people with active occupations in order to enhance the body growth. You will need proper prescription from authorized physician to purchase and use the steroid.

Information about steroid

Steroid is a substance, which has been generated medically for different medical purposes. There are some particular forms of steroid, which is used as pain relievers and also during surgeries.

The use of steroid has been banned in all sports around the world. In fact, you will come across a lot of renowned athletes, who have been found using the steroid. According to law, any person found taking steroid would be banned from sports.

Most people do not take this caution seriously and use steroids. However, if this is misused, it can lead to adverse side effects and sometimes death too.

The harmful effect of steroid

The most commonly used and known steroid is anabolic. Anabolic steroid has been developed and enhanced, as it helps in the development of sexual features. This particular feature has tempted men around the globe to try this steroid, which will boast the size of their penis, and enhance the erection.

However, anabolic steroid is expensive, and not pockets friendly. Hence, most men use other substances containing steroids. The effect is extremely harmful for the body, as it causes diseases, and at times death too. Some of the other harmful effects of the steroid is stated below:

  • The reproductive organs of men are mostly harmed

  • Temporary as well as permanent impotence

  • You will face erection problems even in case of strong sexual desire

  • In some cases, the penis may be erect, however it will not be able to perform sexually

The main reason for the inability of the penis to perform sexually, after taking the steroid continuously for a specific period is that it paralyses the ability of the penis. According to studies conducted in this particular field, it showed no direct relation to the shrinking of penis to that of the steroid. Normally, the penis will shrink in size, if you are not sexually aroused.

Tight underwear is also the cause for the shrinkage of male reproductive organ. The bad news is that even though the steroid does not shrink the size of the penis, it does nothing to enhance its size. Once the penis is shrunk, every other effort to help it grow will be completely futile.

After reading the above-mentioned points, you must have understood that even though steroid is not the reason for the shrinkage of the penis, its excess use might worsen the situation.

Yes, you will be able to notice a difference in your body and your penis, when you are continuously using the steroid. However, these changes are only temporary. It is better to accept yourself as you are, rather than destroying your body parts and regretting about it forever.

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