Never Use Padded Underwear To Fake A Big Bulge

This is a warning to all men out there do not wear padded underwear. Most men reading this article must wonder the reason behind this, as women are allowed to wear padded bras, then why can't men wear padded underwear. Read on to know more.

Women obsessed about their breast

You will notice that women are always looking ways to enhance their breast. They get their breasts enlarged through surgery, or apply enhancement cream or take enhancement pills. They also wear padded bras or stuff their bra with tissues, so that their breast looks full and large. The main reason they do this is to look beautiful, feminine, and more attractive to men.

When women undergo so much trouble just to make their breast look large, you can imagine the joy that they would undergo when they see the large penis in their man.

When you see a women getting obsessed about her breast and taking care of it, you often wonder the reason behind it. The reason is very simple, a women feels that large breast are as important to men as large penis is to women.

The invention of padded underwear for men

Some business-minded people have noticed this connection of women being obsessed with their breast, trying to make it look large, and her attraction towards large penis. Hence, they come up with the idea of padded underwear for men.

The concept behind the invention of padded underwear is to boost the confidence of men. They had figured out that if women can wear padded bras and show off their asset, so can men, by wearing padded underwear.

The padded underwear is called by different names, such as the warrior brief and paddy, calling it profile shaping underwear enhancement.

This is an extremely clever business idea. However, it has one big flaw. If a woman catches you wearing this so called warrior briefs, they will move away from you, and you will be ridiculed your entire life.

Why is it ok for women to wear padded bra, but not for men to wear padded underwear

Most men must be thinking that it is gender bias, as women are allowed to enhance their breast while men are not. However, this is not the case, during a survey conducted, women were asked the answer to this particular question, and similar kind of answers was received from all of them. The answer was that the size of the breast does not really matter to a man, once he penetrates her, but the size of the penis will definitely matter to a woman. This is because she will not be satisfied, if the penis of the man she is having sex with is too small.

When a man, who promises large penis, actually has smaller penile organ than expected by the woman, it will affect her climax and orgasm. She will be disappointed and feel betrayed. She would also consider you a loser, as you have tricked her into having sex with you. She will not take this silently. She will make sure to tell all her girlfriends, and also her future boyfriends. Therefore, the best way to impress women and have sex with her is by being yourself.

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