Sexting – Dos And Don'ts

Sexting could be dangerous sometimes. Done shoddily, it could be awkward and embarrassing and… done fine, it still could be awkward and embarrassing. Sexting means texting sexual contents like messages or photos. It is a kind of cyber sex of this new generation. So, what exactly you need to do or don't while texting with your loved ones?

Do - Be Naughty

Sending a text to your partner says ‘are you in the mood?' isn't just enough if you wish to give him/her a kick in a mid-day. Being evocative with the words is the main key of sexting. Be naughty while texting, it can be better for you as it is not the time of humility. Guys want a girl on street but the freak in bed.

Don't - Sext with Wrong Person Accidently

Sexting with a wrong person unintentionally can create some serious problems, so be sure that you're sexting with the right person. Normally, anyone of family doesn't want to know about sexual life of other members. So, an accidental sext could be a crude awakening to the person who still considers you as a five years old kid.

Do - Sext in public

You could send a sext to your partner even while having dinner with your friends and family members. It is ultimately exciting thing to exchange the covert and sexy texts in public.

Don't - Sext with Unknown

Avoid sexting with unknown people or with individuals who met you recently. It could be risky as your photos might be forwarded or leaked. Do not take the sexting too gravely. Have a bit fun mockery with your partner. If she or he is requesting you to send over your sexy photos, and you are just prickly about it, take any other nude photo. Then send him a text like “it's not me, but I am thinking of you only”

Do - Sext if you are shy

Sexing is a good approach, in case you couldn't express your sexual likes or dislikes. You could make use of the sporty texts to tell your sexual ideas.

Don't - Include Your Face

Don't ever expose your face in a nude pose. This could protect you from the shame if this photo is viewed by individuals you know. It can also create troubles if you lost your phone or it is stolen.

Do - Sext if you are away

If you are on a long tour due to your business, sext with your partner. It helps you to keep that spark active and stay close when you are away from each other.

Don't - Forget to delete

Of course, there is no need to save your sexts at all. Remember to delete or remove all the photos or sexts in timely manner. This could be more important because your phone can be sometimes used by your children in the home. Normally, kids are often more techie than you.

As like your sexual life, you need to keep your sext life safe and interesting. Be safe and creative with all your contents like photos and words etc.

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