Male Enhancement Pumps, Weights, And Pills

For men who are living with a small penis they may be willing to do just about anything to make some changes. Of course that is not necessarily the right thinking because there are many things that need to be thought about.

Penis enlargement and male enhancement is serious business. Do not be fooled by the television commercials and so on that make this out to be a fun issue when it truth there is nothing funny about it.

You need to make some very serious decisions when it comes to the methods that you choose. That is why you need to look at some of the various methods and how they will effect the outcome that you have for the results that you are desiring. Sadly, there are some things in the penis enlargement industry that can be very dangerous to you and your body.

Lets take a look at some of the methods for penis enlargement and the different things about them.

Penis Pumps

The penis pump is one of the older penis enlargement methods that have been on the market. The basic idea behind the penis pump is the drawing of excess blood flow to the penile area. This is achieved through the vacuum method where the penis is placed into a tube and a pump is applied. This causes the penis to be enlarged because of the increase of blood flow through the entire process.

The major downfall to this kind of system is the fact that the results from the penis pump are not permanent. That is the one thing that many men who have used this kind of product are upset about. Despite the fact that most of the companies who make this product contend that it is permanent, there is nothing about this product that makes any kind of permanent length or girth increase. So if you are using this product for its enlarging results you will need to use it before each sexual encounter.

There is also the fact that the penis pump is a very dangerous method to use. Impotence and other damage to the penis can occur when using a penis pump.


Hanging weights from the end of the penis dates back hundreds of years. In the early times the people thought and rightly so that the length of the penis will be increased if they hung weights from the penis. In this day and age there are still those that state this method will be effective.

One of the things about the weight system is the fact that the results are not all that great. Hanging weights can offer no more than one inch or less as far as results and that is not what people are looking for when it comes to penis enlargement.

Again, the penis weights method is very dangerous. You can actually damage the nerves and muscles in the penis if you hang weights from the penis. That is why doctors are looking to tell people that this is not suggested for penis enlargement.


Penis enlargement pills are one of the newer products on the market and people have been taking advantage of this new concept. The products on the market are all natural and completely safe for people to use.

The one downfall to penis pills is the fact that they are not meant to use by itself. Penis pills must be used with another method like an exercise program or traction device. This is the only way that these pills are going to be effective.

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