Effective Ways To Burn More Calories During Sex

Is it possible to reduce weight and cholesterol level by sex? Yes it is. Basically, your body's chemical composition tends to change when you're being emotionally touched. Cuddling, caressing, hugging and stroking can change the chemical reactions of your body and emotions of mind as well. As a result, it improves and strengthens the emotional bonds and picks up your overall mood and health.

As per the studies, nearly 150 calories are burned in the sex session of 30 minutes. If it is compared with the other routine activities, you would notice that more amount of calories are burnt during sex than rest activities. Yoga helps you to burn out 114 cals; housework burns 111 cals and dancing burns 129 cals. In fact, sex is a kind of legitimate exercise which reduces the cholesterol levels more efficiently. However, there are a few really fun means to burn calories even more during the intercourse. Of course, the sex is more enjoyable method of burning fat and calories than any other else.

Enjoyable Ways to burn the calories in bed

Normally, the burning of calorie takes place in the main event of intercourse. So, you can make it more pleasant by having good foreplay and get the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

The Kissing bliss – Well, it depends upon how passionately you kiss your partner, you could burn about 1 to 5 cals a minute in your kissing. According to the studies, a full on kissing bliss can take up as much as 85 cals in an hour.

Play around – An effective foreplay is meant to spread a sexual bliss on the bed. A deep foreplay can help you to burn about 25 cals in every 10 minutes of the game. Use more time for the foreplay and you could burn out the same quantity of calories which can be burned within 10-minutes light exercise.

A massage – Your partner might request you for the back rub. Well, here is a good reason why you should give him a back rub – It is stated that the massage tends to burn out about 80 cals in an hour. Take a time, massaging each other so that you both can take benefit of calorie burn and the arousing effects as well.

Dirty moves - Are you looking for a great start? Well, believe it or not, you could get the good sexual start by dancing! You can both dance on some blessing tracks to add up the surrounding or you can only make a few redolent moves on your bed, dancing can help you to burn 160 or sometimes more amount of calories in 30 minutes.

Why stop with a single? – You can burn out extra 70 to 100 cals once you reach at the orgasm. So, if you wish for some great calorie-burning levels, you can simply start over another event.

Burning out some more calories on the bed is an easy task, as long as you satisfy on the bed. What you actually need is to add up more heat, excitement, passion and time for the game.

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