Use Foreplay To Kick Start The Happiest Moments

Happy and satisfactory sexual intercourse is an art. There are many people who fail to start with the correct technique and end up with unhappy sex. We have done some research work to provide you the guidelines to enjoy your sex life. Yes, by simply reading this article you will be able to understand the correct method of making love.

Experts say that you need to follow certain sequence of processes in order to finish the sexual act in joy. First and the foremost step are called foreplay. This is basically the best way to warm up yourself and your partner for the satisfactory sexual intercourse. In order to start the foreplay you can use your lips.

Kissing is one of the main ingredients of the successful foreplay. It is strongly advised that you start kissing her on mouth, the neck and other sensitive parts of her body. Once you feel that you are charged up then you can go to the next level of the foreplay. It has been proven that for a woman it would be great if her man pleases her by kissing orally.

Doctors also say that with the help of kissing all over you will be preparing her for the orgasm. There are certain important factors which you need to keep in your mind before starting the game. In kissing also there are steps which you can follow to heat her up.

  • First you can start kissing her on the abdomen and then slowly move towards thighs.
  • After few minutes tease her so that she responds quickly to your moves
  • Slowly start touching her genitals and other parts of her body
  • Take in her scent and taste, this will send her the information that you are enjoying yourself by being with her
  • You can use your lips and tongue to stimulate her
  • Slowly start licking and kissing her private parts, then increase the speed and intensity.
  • Within few minutes she will reach the arousal

Make sure that you are not licking at only place, this will lead to under or over stimulation. You can move your tongue in different directions. You can even use your fingers to tease her. With deep breath and showering her with your hot breath you can intensify the pleasure and teasing.

Allow her to hold your hands or arms, you can notice the amount of enjoyment she will be having. Symptoms of such enjoyment are moaning and heavy breathing. Once she reaches the top of the sexual play, you can start using your tongue to stimulate her clitoris. While you are touching her clitoris with your tongue insert your fingers into her vagina.

With the help of tilting and insertion of your fingers into her vagina you can easily reach the most sensitive spot known as G-spot. You can start massaging it gently. With this you are now almost on the peak of the foreplay, now enjoy the rest of your sexual intercourse with your member.

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