Understand Your Sexual Position For The Maximum Satisfaction

Sexual intercourse or the love making is really a complex art. There are many factors which need to be considered in order to get complete satisfaction. Even though there are many verities of positions in sexual intercourses you need to choose the ones which will give you utmost pleasure. There are many articles, books on the sexuality which explain you the correct and perfect positions to get the sexual satisfaction.

According to the most popular Indian book on sexuality, Kamasutra, there are numerous verities of positions in which you can enjoy the sexual intercourse. The book shows hundreds of different positions in which a male and a female can come in contact physically for mutual pleasure.

According to the studies conducted by most of the researchers and doctors it has been proved that if a male knows better in depth about various sex positions it helps a lot in delivering satisfactory performance. He can be more inventive and successful lover to his partner. When you ask which the best position in sex for maximum satisfaction then probably you will get different answers from different couples.

Since the satisfaction level as well as expectations differ from person to person it would be difficult to fix a particular position as the perfect position. Some doctors and sexuality experts suggest that you should try different positions by yourself and come to a conclusion as which is the best that suits you.

Even though it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion on the better sexual position, one position is said to be proven to as the best and is being adopted globally. The results are also seen positive. There are thousands of couples who have achieved complete satisfaction through this position.

As mentions above this is a very simple position and can be tried by everyone. In this position you need to make your partner lie on her back with her legs spread and knees slightly bent. You need to lie between her legs and insert your penis into her vagina by supporting your body weight with the help of your arms and elbow. With this position you will be able to get highest level of satisfaction.

There are many drawbacks in this position of sexual intercourse. Most of the women feel that man's pelvis does not stimulate the clitoris. The angle of insertion of penis does not allow a deeper penetration which fails to reach the G-spot of your partner. Some women even complain that this position does not provide them the enough stimulation which can help them to achieve orgasm.

This missionary position of sexual intercourse is being tried all over the world. Most of the people express that they are happy with the position and they try adding few more position to this which position which provides them the required satisfaction. As a matter of fact there are many other positions which you can combine with this to achieve the sexual satisfaction. Some of the popular positions are rear entry and side by side entry

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