Understand Why Need To Have Sex

Having sex or sexual intercourse is something special process which needs to have certain intention or goal. People tend to answer differently if the question is asked as why they have sex? It may be difficult to make out or come out with exact reason or the purpose. We have some research works and based on that we have collected some data that will explain briefly about why people have sex.

There are some people who tend to have sex with multiple partners. This category of people will have sex only for the pleasure or they love to sleep with more women. Some people express that they will have sex whenever they feel like or whenever they get bored. In some cases it so happens that they may not control themselves and the thing happens accidentally.

Since the sexual intercourse requires energy and stamina people who love doing adventurous things will engage in sexual intercourse. If you are a married couple or committed couple then there will be some situations which will tend you to have sex, such as after a big fight or longer argument.

If you love your spouse or partner unlimitedly then also you will get more chances to have sex with her. You may be trying to make her pregnant or want to give her sexual satisfaction. When you have sex there will be unmatched release of energy sources within both of you which will take you to a new level of satisfaction and pleasure.

Having sex is the best way to express your lover towards the person you love. Since, both the physical as well as psychological factors are involved in this process there are so many chances that you both will fly in the heaven. I mean the feeling of satisfaction and achievement will take you to new highs.

Love making or sexual intercourse basically consists of different steps. Each step is crucial for the complete satisfaction. The first step is attraction to wards the person. Whenever you get attracted towards a person there will be some feelings which will flow in the mind. This will result in the process called as arousal.

Sexual arousal is the beginning of the sex. After this process you will be inserting your penis into her vagina and after some time you will end up with orgasm. The climax part of the game is releasing the semen into her vagina. The number of sessions increases as you get attracted more towards your partner. Sometimes you tend to be like a porn star.

When you watch a porn film you will get excited and feelings will come in your mind as to beat the hero of that film by involving in more number of sessions with your partner. A kind of competition will be erupted within you this will lead you to have more sex with your partner.

Sexual satisfaction is one major factor of happy and satisfied married life. If you want your spouse to conceive a baby then sexual intercourse is a must.

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