Understand The Importance Of G-Spot

There are various stages in which you can get the satisfaction during sexual intercourse. When it comes to the satisfaction level in women, generally it is said that there is one particular point in the vagina that gives intense sensation thereby helping her to have intense orgasm. The point at which intense sensitivity is felt is known as G-spot.

In most of the popular culture it is oftenly discussed about this most important portion of the sex organ. Most of the women believe that there exists a G-spot. When you see from the medical science point of view the question whether the G-spot really exists becomes an important question and what exactly does it mean and do all women have it?

There have been many studies and researches on the G-spot, the reports say that the medical experts and doctors are skeptical about the existence. When you look at the evidences to find out the answer you will understand that the G-spot is anecdotal. This makes it even complicated and the question, whether G-spot is a reality or myth becomes very strong.

Before you go on digging for the answer let us explain you about the G-spot. It is basically a very high sensitive area which is present inside the vagina. To find out the exact location of it you need to travel half the way up in the vagina. In medical terms the G-spot is also known as urethral sponge; stimulation to this particular spot causes very powerful vaginal orgasms.

During the early 1980's the subject of G-spot was gaining lots of interest among the people and popularity within men as well as women. At that period, it is well explained in the books and other discussions. It is believed that the name G has come from the popular doctor Ernest Grafenberg, MD who first speculated about the existence of the very powerful part in the vagina during 1950's.

This spongy area is basically a concentration of number of tissues at one place. You find many sensitive areas in your body which basically contain nerve endings concentrated per square inch. E.g. feel at your finger tips and on the soles on your feet, you can make out a clear cut differentiation. In the similar way the vagina contain a particular part where in, all the nerve endings meet at one place.

Most of the people think even today as, is the G-spot really important and do we really to pay attention during the sexual intercourses. The doctors and clinical experts strongly suggest that despite of many discussions, women believe that there exists a G-spot. The experts even feel that if you start concentrating more on finding this particular part you may end up dissatisfied and unhappy sexual intercourses.

Most of the studies on human behavior have shown that women start feeling the unhappy situations during the sexual sessions because they fail to locate the exact G-spot. This will psychologically affect them, even though they may indulge in intense sexual intercourses only because they feel that there is no sensitivity felt on the G-spot they are not satisfied.

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