Tips To Enjoy Safe And Healthy Anal Sex

There are verities of positions and forms of sex which you can enjoy with your partner. Most of the people will be willing to experience different types of sex. If you are looking for some information on the anal sex and want to enjoy it safely then read this article. There are certain precautions which you need to take before engaging yourself in anal sex.

First and the most important factor you need to understand is how to enjoy the anal sex slowly and safely. Keep this in your mind that sexual act is to enjoy and attain satisfaction level from the sex life. The sexual intercourse should be enjoyable to both of you. Doctors say that if you want to enjoy safe and happy sex life you need to understand the risks involved in it.

Anal sex is the position which many people love to enjoy, because there are very low risks involved in it. According to the experts suggestion any kind of sex can be harmful or unsafe if not done with proper protection or precautions. Whether you engage in oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex, make sure you are following the safety and protection measures.

Even though there are very few risks involved in the anal sex, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be easily transferred to one partner to another in the anal sex. Experts say that you can enjoy a safe and healthy anal sex if you use proper protection. There are many safety tips which you can follow in order to prevent any sort of potential harms to your health.

One of the most important and very commonly used safety measures is usage of condom. With the usage of a proper condom you can easily protect your health as well as your partner's health from being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. One more easy and safe product is usage of plenty of water based lubricant. With the usage of a proper condom you will be able to enjoy smooth and risk free sex.

Clinical experts recommend not using scented condoms as they may contain some chemicals which may be allergic to your skin. Here are some of the potential risks that are associated with anal sex:

  • Even though there are very remote chances of getting pregnant with the anal sex, you need to be very careful. Doctors say that if the semen comes in contact with the skin between anus and vagina there are possibilities of pregnancy. According to some studies 8% of people get pregnant.
  • STDs such as AIDS is a very high potential risk involved in the anal sex. By wearing a proper condom you can safeguard yourself from the AIDS as well as other STDs.
  • In case of anal sex there is one more risk involved, which is the infection. When you are switching between anus and vagina during the sexual intercourse, make sure you have cleaned your penis properly.

By following the above mentioned precautionary steps you can really enjoy safe and healthy sex.

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