Things You Need To Know About The Female Orgasms

When it comes to the matters of sex women are always considered to be center of discussion. Within the sexual activities, orgasm play most important role for the complete satisfaction. As far as women are considered they have lots of choice to achieve orgasms. Even there are lots of stimulating products available which will make them get the orgasms.

There have been many studies and debates which took place as far as female orgasms are concerned. The main points that were discussed are the factors that help women in achieving the orgasms and the means by which they achieve it. There will be lots of changes in a woman's body when she actually achieves orgasms. She will experience a head to toe flow of current.

Now, the question arises is how exactly the women achieve their orgasms? According to the sex therapists and doctors sayings there are four steps in which a woman cab actually achieve the satisfactory orgasm.

  • First and the most important step is the very initial process known as excitement. Whenever a woman agrees to engage herself to sex, right from the beginning she starts concentrating on the sexual stimuli. As a result of this there will be enhanced blood flow through her vagina, clitoris and nipples. This increased volume of blood creates a full body sexual blush. During this step her heart rate as well as blood pressure increases.
  • As the body gets heated up there will be sexual tension that gets built as a precursor to orgasm. During this step, one third of outer portion of vagina becomes engorged with blood. According to the experts' suggestion this is actual plat form for orgasm.
  • Next process is the most important and this is known as orgasm. During this process a series of rhythmic contractions takes place in the vagina, uterus and pelvic floor muscles. There will be a relief from the sexual tension. A woman may feel contraction of muscles through out her body.
  • Last step is known as the recovery process. All the blood starts flowing away from the engorged sexual organs. Within few minutes, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate will start returning to normal.

Clinical experts and sex therapists say that women body is blessed with such capabilities which enable them to enjoy achieving orgasms in more than one way. Within this, stimulation to the clitoris is considered to be surest route to the satisfactory orgasm. Some women can achieve the orgasms through vaginal stimulation as well.

In order to achieve the vaginal orgasm, the place called as G-spot plays very important role. G-spot can be located just one or two inches behind the back of pubic bone. Most of the women are in agreement that when stimulated with the G-spot, there will be intense sexual pressure felt.

There are some researches which also show that women can achieve orgasms through stimulation to other parts of the body such as breasts, thighs etc. most of the researches show that female orgasms play very important role in the sexual satisfaction to women.

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