Male Orgasm Is Not An Easy Process

Many people think that male orgasm is a very easy process, but in reality there are many complex things involved in this process. There are numbers of factors which contribute in this process and also there are and series of steps involved in this process. The male orgasm involves number of hormones, organs, nerves system and blood vessels, which all work together to enable you to achieve the orgasm.

After the contribution from all the above mentioned factors the end result will be semen ejaculation through very strong contraction of muscles. One of the most important hormones which contribute in the ejaculation process is known as testosterone. This hormone is produced and will be supplied on a continuous basis by the testicles.

There will be production of millions of sperms that takes place within the testicles each day. Later on these sperms mature and gets mixed with whitish protein rich fluid. The main function of this white fluid is to nourish the sperms, as a result of this the sperms live for some time even after the ejaculation. The life of sperms will be limited.

When you achieve the orgasm this white fluid which contains millions of sperms known as semen gets ejaculated through your penis. The sexual desire within you is characterized by the testosterone hormones. The sexual desire or popularly known as libido is the very important factor which kicks off the process called the orgasm.

In simple words if you are suffering from depression then there will be reduced volume of testosterone hormones. This will result in non responsiveness of your body to the sexual sensitivities. Finally, you will not be able to achieve the orgasm. Now, we will understand the exact process of male orgasm. Following are the steps involved in ejaculation.

  • When you perceive something or something stimulates you or someone prompts you towards sexual interest, there will be a message sent out from your brain down to the sex organ which results in the erection. During the erection there will increased volume of blood flowing through the penis. Within this process there will be pull in the muscles through out your body.
  • Plateau is the phase where in your body gets prepared for the orgasm. The span of this phase can vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. There will be increase in the muscle tension and you will witness involuntary body movements especially in the pelvis. You will also notice an increase in the heart rate. Within short period you will start noticing a clear fluid flowing through urethra.
  • Next process is the orgasm which takes place in two stages, emission and ejaculation. During the first stage the semen gets deposited at the tip of urethra, ready for ejaculation. Within few seconds there will be contraction of penile muscles and around the base of the anus which results in the powerful ejaculation.

After you eject the semen, your penis starts losing its erection. 50% of erection will be lost immediately and the rest fades within next few seconds.

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