Better Libido In Explained In 4 Steps

Sex has become a taboo for you and it is a major concern for you and your spouse. You are a male and you do not want to discuss this sexual problem with anyone. However, you wish to understand this transition from an energetic young man, who could satisfy his spouse in minutes changed to a man that no longer crave to have libido.

Your spouse is also anxious but fears to mention it. You too realize that if this situation is stretched for long then you and your spouse will drift apart. Finally, it may lead to a breakdown of their relationship causing stress that may further worsen the problem.

Below are the reasons and suggestions to augment your sexual desire.

Psychological Reasons:

1. Psychological reasons are the main problem for low libido in young men. If the mind is placed in stressful situation, it causes tension and affects everything from eating to sleeping and also interest in libido. Depression, stress, anxiety, financial issues and relationship problems are some usual psychological issues. Guidelines to enhance your libido: Your physical issues for low libido can be examined by your doctor. There may be a medical condition, which can be controlled easily. By treating this medical condition might also help to enhance your low sexual desire.

2. Stress can possibly hamper the sexual hormones that can consequently lead to reduced sexual desire. Stress can be provoked because of personal, financial or work related problems. Suggestions to improve your libido: Reduce your stress or learn to handle it more effectively. Apply meditation, yoga or prayers that help to relieve from tension. In the office distribute the responsibilities to your colleagues. On the other hand enjoy libido to reduce stress. It is a known fact that libido is a great stress-buster.

3. At some time you will be juggling multiple responsibilities including earning for your family, responsibility as a parent and executing social responsibilities. With all these you will find yourself continuously busy. Your packed schedules everyday drains your energy level and you have no time for libido. A busy agenda means an active mind that is not relaxed to get in a mood. Hints to perk up your libido: Never forget that sex is a significant part of your adult relationship. Give it utmost priority. Just as you find time for everything find some time for your spouse. Set aside one or two nights in a week to enjoy a romantic moment with your spouse. Make it more interesting by doing something new in the bedroom sometimes.

Emotional Reasons:

Emotional causes like depression, fear and anxiety are generally overlooked that may also cause decreased libido. During fear, gloominess and worry, sex is the last thought on our mind. Such reasons may be triggered because of work dilemmas, family or relationship issues and financial problems but emotional reasons greatly impacts libido. Fear of making your partner or not making your partner pregnant may also dampen our sexual desire and cause an obstacle in pleasurable libido experience.

Tips to boost your libido: The primary factors are enhancing your health and immune system that can tackle with these emotional experiences. BY doing yoga, meditating, chatting with friends, pursuing your hobby, playing with your children and others can help you to keep these emotional issues at bay. If your mind is healthy then these issues will not intrude into your bedroom. If you are helpless to overcome these emotions then seek professional help.

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