You Can Have Sex In Some Other Places Than Bedroom


The main problem with the relationship arises when it has run for too long time and there is nothing new to do. When boredom strikes into a relationship thing starts to get bitter and the couple feels agitated with each other. Every couple needs something new and exciting to do to keep the magic and spark alive which was present on the beginning of the relationship.

It is very easy to spice up the sex life but you need to be ready for some challenging and mind blowing adventures. Changing your sex positions, introducing sex toys and changing the locations of your sexual encounters can really be fruitful and worth taking a shot at.

Sex toys:

If you are bored having sexual activities with the same partner in the same way every time and if you are not up for threesome then you can use some sex toys to play with. This way you are neither cheating on your partner but having great sexual activity as well.

There are many sex toys available for, both, men and women. You can enhance your sexual orgasm with these sex toys and they also helps to bring the spice in your sex life.

Changing positions:

Who likes to do same old thing over and over again? The answer is a big No. If you want to bring back the old spark in your relationship then you need variety in your bedroom. Try different sex positions with your partner like doggy style, 69, and many more. The more unique the positions are the better sex life you will lead.

Have sex on different locations:

Now this part is very important for enhancing your sex life. The location of your sexual intercourse also matters when it come to the reason of boredom with sex life. Having sex in the same bed for the rest of your life makes it pale and boring. To make it fun and exciting try having sex on different locations of your house. Some of the examples are mentioned below:

  • In the car: Having sex in the car is the common fantasy of many men and women. It is somewhat referred as a hidden lust and many people plans a role playing based on sex in car but never tries it for real. You can try and experiment with different sex position but the size of the car also matters here.
  • On the couch: couch or a bench is also a great option for having sex on. So time to time shift from bed to your couch to have sexual pleasures with your partner.
  • In the backyard: this is a very tricky option to choose from. Having sex in the natural environment can be the best sexual experience you might ever get. Being in the middle of the nature and having sexual intercourse with your loving partner with the possibilities of being watched by someone, a whole new level of feeling works out at that time.

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