Some Better Tips To Enhance Your Sex Life In Easy Way

Tip 1: Never try to compare yourself with other women.

Most men find self confident to be the most attractive and seductive quality in their women. Now when you start comparing with any other women from either media or magazines regarding any aspect it indicates lack of confidence and insecurity. Basically it proves that you are not confident enough with your physical appearance, your body structure or sexuality.

While you are trying to focus on your physical flaws it surely gets noticed by your men and that distracts you from experiencing the sexual pleasure. You need to build up confidence about yourself and enjoy the pleasure of having sex.

Tip 2: Good communication always leads to better sex.

Your partner is not a mind reader. He can't simply do things that you like if you don't tell him. You need to talk about sex with your partner more often and it might be before or after having sex. While having the pillow talk let him know what you like or dislike the most. He needs to know what makes you turn on as well as what turns you down.

The more you communicate with your partner the better your sex life gets. Always bear in mind that communication is the most crucial key to solve any problem.

Tip 3: Don't take sex too seriously.

There are ups and downs to everything. That very much applies to the sex life as well. You can never expect to have a great sexual experience each and every single time. You can't impeccably perform or picture it perfect like a scene from any romance novel. Either of the couple might struggle with one sex position or the other and it is nobody's fault.

Having a good sense of humour regarding sex will lead you to better sex life and overall relationship as well. Once you start following this tip you will start enjoying the sexual pleasure in better way.

Tip 4: It is not about the destination rather it is about the journey.

The main objective of having sex is ejaculation. If you have reached there fast or thinking about going there as soon as possible then you will or have probably missed the whole fun of it. You need to experience every moment of it. You need to be in the present and breathe each and every air of it. Make eye contact with your partner as much as you can. Be intimate and romantic and be the ultimately sex god for her.

Tip 5: Make time for sex.

This might be in the last but very important tip. It is inevitable to end up working long hours or late at night or doing tiresome household chores for all day. This is no excuse from not having sex. On the other hand, if you have sex it will reduce your stress level drastically.

You will find it yourself that after you had sex your mind and body will be freshened up.

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