Sex Positions Can Help You To Last Long In Bed


Do you often feel frustrated and embarrassed just because you are unable to hold last long while having sexual intercourse? Are you totally bothered with premature ejaculation and wishing to stop it as soon as possible? If you are facing these trouble then you might have already went through some male enhancement products such as patches, pills, sprays, creams and other commercial products.

If you haven't then it is better because they are not only very expensive but are also ineffective to provide you with any permanent solution. Here you will find out the best natural way to improve your capability to hold for longer period of time to satisfy your partner in the most copasetic way. The solution is very simple and it is adopting a certain sex positions.

Yes it is very true that with changing your sex positions you will be able to continue for longer period of time. You will gain control over the ejaculation and before you ejaculate you will already be satisfying your partner mentally as well as physically. Those sex positions are mentioned below with detailed information.

The tantalizing L

This is the sex position where you have to allow your girlfriend or wife to lie down on her back. Now you have to make your body to form a shape of L along with her by wither standing or kneeling on the ground by the edge of bed. Now you need to start penetrating very slowly and steadily. Don't go deep just yet. Keep the muscles of your body relaxed as much as possible.

This sex position is very crucial and effective while you are kneeling or standing because it helps you to restrict the blood flow from your extremities. With this position your penis will not be overwhelmed or stimulated thus it will give you complete power over your sexual arousal and makes you hold for longer period of time.

The female superior

To hold last long in bed this is the most crucial sex position to go with. Unlike the missionary position, The Female Superior helps your body to relax. With this sex position your leg and hand muscles will be at complete rest thus helping you to last longer while having sexual intercourse.

This is the sex position where you will be the one to lie down on your back as well as allowing your girlfriend or wife to get on top of you. Just because you are lying down so no tension is applied on the muscles of your body. Thus in this way you are again gaining complete power over your sexual arousal which in turn helps you to control the ejaculation.

This will not only help your partner to gain superiority in the bed and get satisfaction as much and as the way she want but also helps you make a better overall sex life. As you gain complete control over ejaculation you are gaining control over the bed.

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