Know The Reason About Post Sex Depression Among Men And Women


Sadness, to be specific the deep sadness which is known as depression is definitely not the cause of increase of sexual arousal, desire or satisfaction. The truth is, those people who are depressed often found out to refrain themselves from any type of sexual activity. Due to depression women tries to avoid any kind of physical contact whereas men find it difficult to get sexually aroused.

There are many women and men who have admitted that they have felt sad even after experiencing the self pleasuring sexual activity. The reason might be because of religious or the feel of guilt or it might be because of being unloved or feel inadequate when they lack a partner to experience those intimate moments with.

Many people try to solve this issue by engaging in a sexual activity with the partner but unfortunately the problem remains as it is. From a study it have been proved that almost 10 percent of the women feel sad even after getting engaged in a sexual experience with some partner. This disturbance has a name and it is post coital dysphoria.

Some of the reasons to feel sad or even depressed after engaging in the most sexually satisfied experience are mentioned below.

  • Having sexual intercourse so as to placate any other person without even being sure about the right feeling, arousal and desire of sex is a very true reason to feel depressed.
  • Many people tends to look for after sex communication or longs for affection and contact after sex whereas some other just goes off to sleep. This also results in post coital dysphoria.
  • Sometimes either one of the partner quits making any sexual connection before other partner has even reached near the completion of sexual experience. This leaves a sense of longing, sadness and emptiness.
  • Sometimes rushing of the entire sexual activity makes either one of the partner very uncomfortable and sad. Giving inadequate time to the sensual touching, foreplay and full arousal leaves a mark of depression among most of the people.
  • Private or extra marital affairs is one of the big reason of being depressed after getting into fulfilling sexual activity with the partner. When you keep a big secret like this then depression is quite obvious matter which even sex can't make things right.
  • It has happened a lot that two people have engaged in a sexual intercourse just to solve the deep seated communication and emotional problems. Having sex because of that is not the right thing to do.
  • In many religions it has been written that pre marital sex is a sin and should not be encountered under any circumstances. Those who were born under this religious belief often ends up getting depressed about or after having sex.
  • Last but not the list, according to some researchers, the change in hormone is the main reason of being depressed after having sexual intercourse.

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