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To enjoy sex you don't have to act like animal all the time. You can sometime add some sophistication to your sexual life to refine it a little bit. Let us see how you can give the word, sex, a whole new meaning.

It demands an elegant background if you are willing to have the most sophisticated sex. An ideal background is such which will be little expensive, slightly romantic, extremely erotic as well as elegant. Some of those great ideas may be in a room of five star hotels, a yacht, in a cabin of a private airplane or a rented upscale cabin. The main thing that should come to your mind while think about sophisticate sex is that you would like to make the place a little dirty with your sexual activity.

To engage in the most sophisticated sex romp you need to be as much romantic as you can. Romance is the key element of sophisticated sex. There are many romantic ideas that you can use to make it the most sophisticated sexual act of you life. Some of those ideas include obviously, candlelight lovemaking, making love on the Egyptian cotton with 1500 thread count of the sheets, body dipped or whipped with chocolate or bed filled with rose petals.

Sophisticated sex can only be enjoyed with the perfect romantic mood which you also have to feel. You can do it with hesitated mind and do it just to see your partner happy and it makes you sad. If you feel happy then only you can make your partner happy. Thus to be romantic you have ti feel. Now go ahead and light those candles in the rented hotel room with Godiva chocolates and sparkling beverages.

It is always a better idea to plan out all the details before you actually decide to have the most sophisticated sex. You can do the dirt in any fundraiser galas which has been organised in your area or some gallery openings or so. If you cannot find anything that matches with these events then you can always go with the night out in a classy restaurant plan. If your mood is set then no one can stop you from experiencing the most sophisticated sex of your lifetime.

Now as the last tip, clothing also makes all the difference. Often clothes say it all for the man as well as the women. If you are willing to have the most sophisticated sex then dressing up in some tatty bathrobe or sweatpants or hooded jacket is not a smart choice. When we talk about clothes it basically means the whole attire, starting from hair to shoes. Everything should be classy and up to date. Use proper accessories and do some manicure, pedicure and whatever else required to look gorgeous. As for the men, wear a tuxedo or business suit to get the most sophisticated sex at night.

To have the most sophisticated sex you need to feel classy and sophisticated from heart as well.

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