It Takes Very Little To Have The Most Amazing Sex

Tip 1: Locate her G spot.

G spot is the most sensual spot of a women's body. It acts like a switch on pressing which it will ignite the sexual desire in a woman. Locating the G spot can be a little tricky because it is quite complicated. This spot is located inside the vagina. To locate this spot you need to insert your finger through the vagina while your palms need to face upwards. Once you find a rough patch you have got the G spot.

Now you need to rub that location gently and it will provide an incredible orgasmic bliss. If your woman is mourning with orgasm then you can be sure that you are doing the right thing. Since it is the most sensual place of women's body thus you need to be prepared for lot of sounds.

Tip 2: Last for longer period of time in bed.

Many women often complain about their men not being able to last long in bed. It is quite obvious that if you ejaculate long before then you have been unable to provide your woman with good orgasm which leaves them disappointed and frustrated. This makes the whole sexual experience not so great.

Everybody looks for the best and no one wants to settle with whatever they got. You need to last long while having sex and to do so you can take help of any commercial products.

Tip 3: Romance and intimacy.

Jumping straight to the bed will not fetch you a great sexual experience. To make everything better you need to work for that. There is a huge difference when your lover comes to your old and plain apartment and when she enters to a room with candlelight, flowers and romantic ambience.

With the right set of mood and environment you can make a good sexual experience a better and amazing one. Being romantic and intimate with your partner before the sexual intercourse really matters.

Tip 4: Appreciate her to boost her confidence.

Generally women take much longer time to get ready. They try to make perfect from head to toe. They file their nails or puts make ups, use nice dress and what not. So if you appreciate the effort she made then it will not only enhance her self confidence but also will lead to better sex.

It is true that those women who are confidence about their physical appearance are more likely to be wild while having sex. They try and experiment new things with their partner and possess a great sexual drive.

Tip 5: Spice up your moves.

If you do the same sex position every time then at some point of time it becomes predictable and boring. You need to mix it up a little to make sex interesting and fun. Change your sex positions from time to time to surprise your women. It will not only enhance your libido but will make your sexual life an amazing one.

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