Enjoy Anal Sex With Or Without Partner

Engage in anal sex all by yourself at first:

You need to learn to acknowledge and love your bum. The best way to start is to experiment with your own bum on your own time. To many people this is totally an unknown area. You need to be familiar with your body and fell confident and comfortable while experimenting and touching your anus before you do it with your partner.

Now in order to do so you need to put some lubrication on your finger and rub the area around your anus gently. Take your time to explore. With some light movements it will help you to arouse the nerve ending which will make your fell pleasurable. Now slowly and steadily put some pressure on your anus and insert any finger.

On the very first attempt it is quite normal to get a shock and repel your finger away from your anus. To have perfect anal sex you need to understand the mechanics related to the internal sphincter. Internal sphincter is a muscle which is involuntary. On the first attempt your anus will automatically start contracting. After certain point of time it will loosen up on its own. At this point of time you will continue to insert your finger with slight pain.

The more you practise anal sex the more accustomed you will get with anal sex. Now once you are comfortable with inserting your own finger in your anus you are al set to include a partner to have the most awesome anal sex.

Engage in anal sex with partner:

When you are thinking about engaging in anal sex with a partner it is very important to look after the hygiene preparation. It is strictly advised to take an erotic shower along with your partner before engaging in an anal sex. Once you are sure that your partner is clean then you get a mental peace so as to start penetrating through the anus.

Now once you are clean then you can start with some foreplay before you actually get to the destination. While performing foreplay you can use your tongue to lubricate the anus so that it doesn't make some irritation because of chaffing.

Irritation due to friction is a real mood killer. So before you enter your penis to your partner anus make sure it is lubricated well enough. Now once you are ready you can start off with some slow penetration. Don't go deep on the very first attempt as because it might cause some serious pain to your partner.

Doggy style is the best sex position to have a great anal sex. It brings out the anus in perfect position and makes it wide open for your penis to enter. Make some slow thrusts at first and once she is comfortable, you can go wild. During anal sex it is advised to breathe as much as you can. The more you breathe the less pain your will feel and your body will be relaxed.

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