Easy Solutions To Enhance Your Sex Drive After Being A Mother


It is quite normal to have low sex drive after you become a mother for the first time. As time passes by, more and more demands pile up on mother's energy and time. Thus sex becomes the last thing on your list. With regular sex you are able to reduce the stress and enhance your immune system as well as self esteem. Some easy tips are mentioned below which will help you to regain the sex life that you used to have.

Tip 1: Regular free hand exercise.

You gain back your old sex drive you need to work on your pelvic area. With some deep stretching and regular cardiovascular exercises you will increase the flow of blood to the genitals. You can go with power walking, cycling, jogging or yoga to enhance the circulation of blood to the pelvic area.

Tip 2: Eat right food.

To enhance your libido you need to increase the level of hormone called testosterone. Zinc and vitamin B are the main two reason of its production. Thus you need to consume foods which are high with these two nutrients. Some of those foods are avocado, almonds, raw oysters, bananas, pine nuts, eggs, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and brown rice.

Tip 3: Grooming.

After being a mother, most of them forget that they too need to dress up well and pampers themselves sometimes. Being a mother doesn't mean you don't have to look attractive or beautiful anymore. Try getting a new hair cut or a new outfit, anything that will make you look different.

Tip 4: Make time.

Always make time for sex. It is quite obvious to get real busy with household chores and looking after the kid(s). No matter how hard it gets you need to relax and calm your body, mind and soul. After having sexual intercourse with your partner it will automatically reduce your stress level to minimum.

Tip 5: Take proper sleep.

Having a good, 8 long hours of good night sleep is the best way to enhance your sex drive. With proper sleep you are relaxing your body, balancing the hormones and enhancing your endurance in the bed.

Tip 6: Chinese medicine or acupuncture.

After having a baby most of the women misses out the yin element which is responsible for the sexual desires. Changes in the menstrual cycles and fluctuations in hormones are also responsible for decreasing the desire. With Chinese medicines and acupuncture you will be able to regain back those hormones and will enhance your sexual needs and demands.

Tip 7: Build up fantasies.

Women need to be satisfied not only physically but also mentally. With sexual intercourse a man can satisfy her women physically but to satisfy her mentally he needs to build up sexual fantasies. It can be anything a complete story or a little scene but it has to be sexually stimulating. Once you become a mother, you need to think about sex and enhance your fantasy library.

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