10 Simple Ways To Bring Powerful Orgasm For Your Woman

Step 1: Take it slow

The first thing that you need to bear in mind while being intimate with your woman is to take your time with everything. Never rush down to clitoris and start having sexual intercourse. First take it slow to undress yourself as well as your partner. Then kiss all over her body and slowly and steadily get down to the intercourse. It will not only give the best orgasm but will satisfy your partner completely.

Step 2: It is important to tease her.

One of the most powerful oral sex techniques is to tease her as much as you can. It will not only get your woman excited sexually as well as mentally but will also crawl to you and ask you to get down to her clitoris. If you want to get her wilder then you need to tease her a little bit more when she is already begging for sex.

Step 3: Making some is crucial.

There are many women who feel discomfort when their man gives oral sex to them silently, without making a single noise. It does not excite the woman at all and makes them feel that their man is not happy doing it or enjoying it. If you want your woman to be satisfied with whatever you are doing then you have make some noise while you are giving oral sex.

Step 4: Find the right position.

All women are not the same hence their demands are also not the same. Some gets excited when their man licks their clitoris from down whereas some likes it from side to side.

Step 5: Find the right pace

This is also very crucial while enjoying sex. Some women like it to take it slow and steady whereas some likes it faster. You need to understand the demands of your woman to satisfy her completely.

Step 6: Maintain the pressure that she likes

When it comes to sexual intercourse, the pressure plays a very important role. You need to understand what your women like the best. If she demands for light pressure then you shouldn't apply more pressure. Now if she asks for more pressure then not being able to provide that will turn down your woman sexually.

Step 7: Find the right spot.

The most sensual spot of any woman's body is G spot. Though you can't see them in visible eyes still you can locate it with fingers. It's known as the rough patch.

Step 8: Use combination technique

In this step you need to add more than one sex technique to bring better orgasm. You can lick her clitoris while rubbing her G spot. This will make your woman wilder.

Step 9: oral sex while doggy style

Mix it up or spicing up your sex life is very important. Licking your woman's clitoris while she is in doggy pose brings great orgasm.

Step 10: Rim her

Rim means using your tongue at your woman's anus. This is a great way to get her sexually wild.

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