5 Steps To Last For Prolonged Period Of Time In Bed

Step 1: Enjoy each and every moment.

So as to last long in bed you need to enjoy the pleasurable you are going through while having sex. You need to calm and relax your body and have a good sense of humour about sex. Never expect to have a wonderful sexual experience on the very first attempt. You can expect to encounter in a sexual intercourse like some scene of a romantic love novel. You will get their on due course of time and you have to enjoy the moment and be in the present.

You cannot think about the climax before you actually have sex, then inevitably you will disappoint yourself as well as your partner. Just go with the flow and enjoy what happening at that pint of time.

Step 2: Communication is vital.

If you are having trouble with premature ejaculation then talk to your partner about it. Let her know about your concern and also what she can be of any assistance to help you out. Once you have successfully communicated, you will find your sexual life to be satisfying and more pleasurable.

With communication you are opening up to each other and this result to a great sex. Once you let know about your situation to your partner you won't fell tensed about climaxing and this will help you to last longer in the bed.

Step 3: Foreplay is must.

If you want to last long in bed then you need to explore foreplay to the fullest. Men generally tend to ejaculate before women because for women it takes a while to reach orgasm. With foreplay you are making your women orgasm and when you are about to have sexual intercourse her orgasm will be already on her way. Thus even if you ejaculate before then she will experience a great sexual life.

You can pick up on a different story on different days to do the foreplay. There are many great stories which you can follow you make your sex more fun and intense.

Step 4: You need to know what triggers premature ejaculation.

There are many thing which leads to premature ejaculation. Like some specific sex position makes you ejaculation long before that what other sex position does. Thus you need to change your sex position and use the one where you have to provide the least energy. Being your women on top is the best sex position for boys as it helps you to last long in bed.

You shouldn't thrust with you pelvis too far. Just hold it back and let your women do all the work. Once you use the least energy of your body you will continue to last for long period of time in bed.

Step 5: Relax.

You need to calm and relax your body because overexcitement leads to climax very fast. Thus breathe as much as you can while having sex to relax your body and mind.

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