5 Best Possible Ways To Last Long While Having Sex

Tip 1: Use some lube on your manhood while masturbating

Everyone might be aware of the true fact that a vagina of a woman is moist as well as warm. While penetration the penis is very easily stimulated to its peek point if that penis has never experienced that kind of moisture and warmth. For most of the cases, while masturbating, men generally do it under room temperature with dry hand. You need to make your penis go through the similar environment before actual penetration takes place.

There is a very simple way to do it. Use some sex lubrication while masturbating. This will simulate the level of moisture. Now since your manhood has already experienced the moisture and warmth, it will take time to get to the climax while having sexual intercourse.

Tip 2: Take your time

Do not try to rush while having sexual intercourse. It is the most pleasurable experience of any person and thus you need to enjoy every moment of it. If you intend to rush then you will reach to the climax before you have expected and it spoils the entire mood.

Tip 3: Never watch pornography films while having sex or masturbation

Today almost everybody might have the access to internet and there are lots of porn sites available on the internet. Looking or watching pornography while masturbating or having sex is a very bad option. It arouses your sexual level way too fast and thus your penis reaches to a level when it will about to climax.

Thus if you want to keep your excitement level to minimum while masturbating, then it is advised not to watch porn. Use your imagination power to raise your arousal level because it will help you to last long in bed.

Tip 4: Breathe heavily and correctly

While masturbating or having sex you need keep your mind and body in relaxed and calm mode. By this it will take a long time to reach to the climax. To hold for prolonged period of time in bed it is the best practise to breath heavily and correctly. When you are breathing heavily your body is getting much needed oxygen and thus it brings down all the excitement of having sex.

Once your excitement level is down your body will be relaxed and your mind will be calm. This ensures that you keep on going for longer period of time.

Tip 5: Relax your perineal muscle

Perineal muscle is solely responsible for ejaculation. Thus a little exercise of this muscle will benefit you a lot so as to keep your ejaculation under control. When you try to stop urinate in middle of urination, it is the perineal muscle which allows you to do so. Thus relaxation of this muscle is very important if you want to last long in bed.

With the above mentioned tips you will be able to hold for longer period of time while masturbating or having sexual intercourse.

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