Women Want Their Guy To Last Long In Bed

Almost ever women want their men to keep their pace up for longer period of time while having sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, most of the men faces premature ejaculation and makes the whole sexual experience very disappointing and unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation not only makes it very irritating for the guys but also makes the women very unsatisfying sexual pleasure.

There is no shame to admit that almost all the couples or singles of any gender watch some porn films at some point of their life. Being like a porn star and holding the ejaculation for such long time is almost everyone's wish. There is a solution with which you are now able to act like them and hold your ejaculation for much longer period of time so that you can start enjoying the most awesome sexual life.

The solution is very simple and it is to wear a condom. That's right, by using a condom while having sexual intercourse you are able to perform a sexual activity for prolonged period of time. You might think that most of the porn star don't even wear condom but with the new law passed in Los Angeles it has became a necessary step for the porn stars to wear condom while making the film.

It has brought up many questions and made the porn movie producers very unhappy. The reason behind their objections is that the film where porn stars wear a condom does not sell as much as the film where the porn stars does not wear a condom. Though the law has brought up many losses for the producers but the reason behind this law is to spread awareness of sexual diseases such as AIDS, HIV and other STDs.

In a recent study it has shown that not only the porn stars but there are almost 86 percent of couples who don't even use condom and even if they do, they do it in the wrong way. It has left only 14% of the whole population who wears a condom in the right way and using it every time they have sexual intercourse with their partners.

It has been also shown in the study that 15 percent of the men use the condom incompletely during a sexual act. Almost 12 percent of them put a condom after the penetration and approximately 3 percent of the men took off their condom before the ejaculation.

In another study it has been found that that neither the women nor the men find wearing a condom of any distraction from the sexual pleasure. By wearing a condom you are able to keep the bed warm for much longer period which provides a great advantage to satisfy your women completely.

A happy sex life brings the overall happiness of the relationship. Once your woman is physically satisfied then she will be as much satisfied mentally and will maintain the overall health of your relationship in good shape. Thus wearing a condom brings overall joy and happiness.

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