Women Are More Attracted By Bad Boys Than Nice Men

Most of the women pick their guys following their gut feelings. They don't pick the one who are stable and have high relationship potential. After their little experience they become habituated to pick the wrong choice for themselves as because they are weak and psychological damage. The main reason behind this decision making choices of the women is that they lack their self respect, self esteem and egoism.

For almost all the woman, sex is not the prior concern that they about it. Many daters or experts haves studied that those men who are nice are not at all sexually exciting. Being masculine, aggressive and having self confident in bed are some of the important thing which a nice man often lacks. Thus the women always end up with the bad boys as they are very good actors of real life.

Bad boys prefer and always look for sexual encounters with woman and needs companionship. Once they get it, they don't look back and come back to their home and hang out with the lady. They would prefer to spend the night at some other place than cuddling or spooning with the women.

Whereas women are domestic type as well as docile and as they doesn't go to work so they prefer to sit in the house and wait for their man to come home. Even if she is a working lady then she is the one who pays all the bills and cleans the house as well. Still they wait for her man putting dinner on table, each and every night, but the end result stays the same as well.

When it is about sexual encounters or sexual pleasures, bad boys are considered to have more sex appeal than nice men because of their good looks and macho body. Apart from the look and the body, the main thing that attracts the women is their attitude. They might end up giving her the complete satisfaction in bed because of their experience and bravado. Nice men often try to escape from the sexual aggression and expression but the bad boys might be well aware of all the seduction tricks and tips.

Those who fall for the bad guys, often tend to save their men at any cost. They claim that they love them unconditionally but yet complain about their pains and sorrows. They juggle their life with pleasure in one hand and pain in another. They think that pain and love has to go hand in hand and the aggressive control over them is quite natural and they are fine with it.

These kinds of women always seek for attention and need drama in their lives. They often get wrong with their choice and end up with a bad decision just because they are afraid of a good treatment. They can't believe that even they can get a nice guy in their life but when a really nice guy comes up to them, they move far away from them.

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