There Is A Huge Difference Between Having Sex And Making Love To Each Other


The relationship status with your partner depends on sex. There are many inner meaning to making love and just having sex. Having sex without any emotions is not all a good idea if you are not sure about your relationship with your partner and your partner as well. If you are looking for just a fling and that's it then having sex is not a bad idea. Instead if you are searching for your ideal soul mate and to have a stronger and long lasting committed relationship then you need to make love to each other and not just have sex.

When you are having just sex then it mixes all the emotional and sentimental values. When you are making love to each other you are creating and increasing a much stronger bond or relationship with your partner. Just having sex will only lead you to an unsatisfied and disappointed life. Nothing good ever came out from having meaningless, one night sex. While making love to you partner has always been fruitful and gave a huge meaning to life. Thus you need to learn the difference between making love and having sex.

Nobody likes to wake up next to some stranger. Sometimes having sex leads to a relationship that you never wished for or which was never meant for. Most of the times what happen is that one might thing he or she is having just sex whereas the partner thinks they are making love to each other. This confusion leads to a great chaos in life and gives birth to mental stress. So you need to be truthful and come clean to your partner about what you want. If, both, you and your partner agree to the same thing then it is not a problem but if not then it is advised to avoid such a situation.

Sex is a very sacred and should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Just having sex is really not that important if you can't enjoy your life after that. It will always seed a feeling of guilt inside of you and will grow with time. It will make you mentally depressed and thus hampers your overall well being.

If, both, you and your partner are in a loving and committed relationship and want to take a step further then being intimate and making love to each other gives a whole new meaning to your lives. Being intimate with your partner will bring joy and happiness to each other lives. You will not only be physically satisfied but also you will get a great deal of mental gratification.

Thus you have to be sure about what you want and what your partner wants. If you and your partner are looking for the same thing then find the right time to be intimate and make love to each other. Thus as a conclusion only thing can be said and that is do not just have sex rather make love to each other.

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