The Way Of Sex Talk Is Different For Different Nations

There is a huge difference between American and European parents when they discuss about sex with their teenage son and daughters. American parents generally try to scare the teens about premarital sex whereas European parents use laughter to convey the topic of sex. European parents talks frankly and openly regarding sex. They instruct and advise to have sex on the perfect time and also promote the proper use of condom.

In Europe, the parents are not much concerned with their teens having sex and they neither forbid them to do it rather they prepare their children so that they are ready when right time comes. They even permits their children to engage in a nice and romantic sleepovers after they are sixteen and also if the both the partners are in a loving and committed relationship.

There are lots of advantages of the European approach like the use of the birth control is extremely high, the rates of pregnancy is extremely low, and also the rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, which is commonly known as STD, is quite negligible.

When it comes to the teens of America, the STD and pregnancy rates are way higher among them. The European culture does not feel bad or regrets having sex before marriage because they no longer look at it in a sinful way. In America, it is still taught that having sex before marriage is wrong and this influences on the attitudes American teens towards premarital sex.

A person's conscience depends solely on the teaching they receives. One of the interesting facts is that the most prior reason for divorce in most of the European countries is infidelity whereas in America, infidelity is the least reason for getting divorce. In European countries live in relationship is mostly preferred than marriage but in America the rate of marriages are much higher. The birth rates in European countries are much less than the American countries.

For the Christians it is of much more importance lead and lives a pure life. There are many verses in the Bible which says that sex before marriage is wrong in many different ways and those who commit sexual encounter before marriage will be judged as sinners. While in European countries the churches preaches about premarital sex being okay and those who will engage in sexual encounters are not sinners.

There is always an advantage and disadvantage to every point of view but the main thing to look for here is whether it is the right thing to do or not. With the European approach you will be more knowledgeable and experienced regarding sex while in American approach you can be a pure Christians.

The self joy should be of utmost importance to your life. If being a pure Christians is what makes your happy then try the American approach. While if sex is all that matters to you then according to European approach you are not doing any sin and living a happy and prosperous life.

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