The Coregasm Workout Is The Best Way To Enhance Sex Life


Getting into a gym and start working out there is not only to keep your body fit. Those long hours that your girlfriend spent at gym also help her to make a better orgasm. It has been found out from a very recent study that during a workout women generally tends to experience an Exercise Induced Sexual Pleasure (EISP) or Exercise Induced Orgasm (EIO). To gain that, the women do not even have to think about or day dream about sex while they are exercising.

There are some best coregasm exercises that you can work out to make your sex life better. When it is about the EIO you work out the following exercise such as climbing poles or ropes, abdominal exercise, and weight lifting. Now if you want to engage in work out to make EISP better then you can go with weight lifting, biking and also abdominal exercise. Some more exercises such as pull-ups, yoga, chin-ups and aerobic are highly efficient and effective.

Some exercises are mentioned below with detailed information which is for, both, men and women. It is highly recommended that you work out together and it will definitely lead to a greater sex experience as well as pleasure.

Decline push up with stability ball:

Keep your hands on the floor and your shoulders width apart and kneel with stability ball on your back. Be in a standard push up position and place your toes or shins on that stability ball. You arms need to be straight and your hands need to be directly under the shoulders of yours. Your abs needs to be drawn in while lying on your back flat.

Now you have to lead with the chest as you tuck your chin. Keep your body lower to the floor as far as possible. Now do the push ups for minimum 10 to 15 times. Make 3 to 4 set of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Mountain climber with stability ball:

For this exercise you need to place your both hands on the stability ball. Take the regular push up position where your arms need to be completely straight and your body need to form a perfect straight line starting from your head up to the ankles.

Now while bracing the core you need to lift your right foot from the ground and bring your knee close to the chest as far as possible. Now keep your right foot back to floor. Repeat the same with your left leg. Repeat the whole exercise for 20 times for each leg.

Lying Gluteal Bridge:

Keep your fleet on the floor flat while lying on your back and bent knees. Keep your arm at the sides and your palms need to face down. While squeezing your glutes you need to raise your back slowly from the floor until and unless your body is in straight line from the knees to the shoulders. When you are up you need the hold on to that position for about 5 seconds and then slowly and steadily you need to lower yourself to floor. Make 10 reps of this exercise.

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