Some Best Tips To Make Your Sex Life Even Better

  • Communicate before the sex: in a recent study it has been proven that the women like to talk before sex and not after. So before you begin with your foreplay you need leave a little space when you can talk to your partner about anything. Women do so, so as to access the level of your commitment.
  • Cuddling or spooning is very important in relationship. In a study it has also been proven that men love to spoon over more than the woman. Men have much greater need of non sexual contact when the relationship is of long term. Thus snuggling makes your overall relationship much stronger and better.
  • Cheating can lead to broken penis. It might sound hysterical but it is true. If you cheat on your partner then it will not only affect the relationship but will also cause fracture of your penis. It has been proven by a study that those who keeps an extramarital affair usually suffer from broken manhood.
  • Deep voices makes a woman turn on. Those men who have a legendary baritone are more likely turn on any women easily. Almost ever women prefer as well as love to listen to men who have deep voices. Actually deep voices indicate a charm and superiority in males.
  • Expand or totally cut back on your porn stash. Everybody might be aware of the fact that too much of something might ruin everything. Sometimes too increase your sex drive or libido it I good to watch some porn but don't overdo it.
  • She might fake orgasm but not always it is yours fault. It has been found out from a study that an insecure woman fakes orgasm more than the secure women. It is more likely for an insecure woman to fake the orgasm so that her partner doesn't cheat on her. They just try to put up a good show for them.
  • Choose the right time for grabbing the condom. Use of the protection need not to be the mood killer. Before you put on the condom you need to wait for the foreplay session to end. Those people who without taking the permission of the partner grabs the condom is more likely to presume sex beforehand. You need to wait for the right situation or better yet for her to stat it. If it takes much long time then you need to swoop in the topic very gentlemanly.
  • Sometimes rebound works like a charm. Everyone might accept the fact that being in long term committed relationship changes your identity at some point of life. When a relationship breaks after everything you did to keep it together, rebound works extremely well to fill up that hole in your life. For that you need find such a partner who shares the same interest as yours. Else it might lead to some unfortunate incident which you did not wish to happen.

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