Sex Life Depends On The Quality Of The Relationship

It is really not a mystery of how to achieve great sex when the couple are married. Once you are married you can do all the things and in any positions as many times you want. Still there remains some gap in the marriage and affects on overall relationship. Some might think that to improve sex you need to do it over and over again. Well it is partially true but not completely. Again, some might think that to improve sex life you need to experiment more in all possible ways but it is neither a complete truth as well.

Well the utter truth about great sex is that it depends on the quality and not on the quantity. By quality it simply means the quality of overall relationship that your partner and you are having. Quality of the marriage is what matters and decides how great a sexual relationship your spouse and you can have.

Now the quality of the marriage depends upon how great you two get along with other. How strong the bond between you two really is, is what matters. If your partner and you, both, are in a strong, loving, committed marital bond then your sex life is bound to be great naturally, if not facing any sexual health issues. If the bond is based on infidelity, lie and dissatisfaction then it is surely going to affect on other parts of your life such as sex life. In order to accomplish a quality marriage you need to work on 3 things which are mentioned below.


Communication is one of the best ways to increase the bond between your partner and you more strong and deep. You need to talk about your sexual needs, desires, and demands and about anything else with your husband or wife. You need to know what your partner is looking for in your and let your partner know what you want. The more you discuss the better relationship you will have.

Always bear in mind that you need to take in criticizes strongly and make an effort to work towards it. Thus more you communicate with each other the better you will know about each other. When you are aware of what your partner needs and desires then you can make an effort to work towards it.

Make an effort:

In most of the marriages, the couple often thinks that since they are married they have their whole life ahead to know each other better. Well they are wrong on the very first step. If you get to know each better sooner then you can try all different ways to improve the sex life better from the beginning before it is too late.


Being committed to your partner shows lot of respect and love towards each other. To see how committed your partner really is you can take marriage sex test. With the help of the result you can easily judge whether your partner is truthful and committed towards you or not.

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