Sex Is Very Essential To Maintain Proper Physical And Mental Stability


It is very important to focus your mind on sex else you might miss out on all the physical and mental benefits. If you are having sexual thoughts then let it grow instead of suppressing them. Being confident about your sexual drive is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are in any kind of denial about some natural facts then it only causes stress, frustration and ill health as well.

If your mind is completely focused about sex in healthy way and also have a healthy sex life then you can be assured of having a healthy overall lifestyle. This way you will have more energy in your body, energy to take care of all stress as well as more sexual energy. You will have much less sick days and get fewer colds. By focusing on sex and having a satisfied sexual experience you are releasing all the tension and stress from your body. Stress is the main reason of illness as it reduces the immune system of your body.

Now let us discuss about the orgasm of the females. It is very true that a woman does not think about sex more often like a man does. The main question arises is why does it so happen? Well there are many reasons because of which women are not able to climax while having sex. Some of those reasons are linked with physical condition whereas the others are completely reason of some psychological problems.

Those women who are not able to climax or have orgasm due to psychological problems do not mean they are mentally instable. Psychological problems include heavy stress and tension from taking care of children, if any, doing household chores, maintaining the financial budget under control or may be because of keeping the family together. However when their mind come in between then they are unable to completely focus on the pleasurable experience that is taking place.

Sexual pleasures can only be enjoyed when the body is at complete relaxed state and the mind is totally focused. When the stress and tension acts up in the middle of the sexual intercourse, the body moves to denial stage and it prevents from having a great orgasm and having great sex. Thus in order to enjoy sex and take complete advantage of the sexual pleasure you need to clear your mind, focus on sex and make yourself calm and relaxed.

To maintain your physical and mental stability you need have lots of sex. Having sex twice a week is very important for betterment of your health mentally as well as physically. You can do some light weight or even free hand exercise to have a healthy body. A healthy and fit body is the only source of great stamina and sexual energy which is highly required to experience the most mind blowing and body rocking sexual pleasure. If nothing works out then go to some counsellor to seek help for the problem.

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