Preventing Premature Ejaculation Has Become Very Easy To Stop By Following Some Tips


One of the biggest sexual issues among most of the men is premature ejaculation. This is one of the major issue because of which many couples are leading a frustrated, disappointed and boring life and also often lead to separation from long, loving committed relationship and even end up in divorce.

Physical satisfaction brings mental satisfaction and because of premature ejaculation the couple does not succeed in having an awesome and satisfied sex life. Thus they go through mental trauma and depression and often lead to permanent separation.

Many men instead of dealing with their sexual issues which results in embarrassment tries to run away from the problem and makes an excuse from having sex. With very simple and easy steps premature ejaculation can be controlled and solved permanently. The tips mentioned below will help you to gain control and complete power over your ejaculation.

Relax and calm down:

The prior reason of premature ejaculation is overexcitement. It is a very normal way to react for most of the men while having sex. They get super excited when they are having sexual intercourse and thus this result in ejaculation way before than it should be. So the very simple and easy way to stop premature ejaculation is to bring your excitement level down and making yourself calm.

Once you are relaxed then you can see it from yourself that you can continue for much longer time than before. In two simple steps you can keep your head calm and relaxed and those steps are mentioned below:

  • Think about something which is not related to sex in any possible way. For example you can think about work or football or anything that can distract your mind from experiencing the pleasure. Once you relax then you can see it for yourself that how great this tip really works.
  • Breathe heavily: Another way of keeping yourself calm and relax is by breathing heavily. If you take deep breathes while having sexual intercourse then you gain total power over your ejaculation and control it in your way. Thus it will help you to enjoy a nice, loving, and great sexual experience.

Have more foreplay:

There is one another way of postponing you ejaculation and that is simply by going through foreplay for longer time that just jumping to bed for sexual intercourse. The more you have foreplay the more stimulated your women will be mentally as well as physically. So by the time you will start having intercourse her orgasm will be already on her way.

To spice up the sex life even better you can choose different foreplay on different nights. Moe the variety the better sex life you will lead.


To stop your sexual issue such as premature ejaculation you can try some exercise of your pelvic muscle. With this very little step you can control your ejaculation timing and give your partner a mind blowing and body rocking sexual experience.

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