Premature Ejaculation While Having Sex Can Be Stopped Easily


Almost every man might know or heard about premature ejaculation but it becomes really embarrassing for those who experiences. It is only those experienced men who know how bad a premature ejaculation can be and in what possible way it might tear apart or might even end up a loving relationship. Once this problem gets solved you are sure to feel great and will start having awesome sex. Both, you and your partner, will experience a body rocking and mind blowing sexual experience.

There are some great tips that you can use to hold your ejaculation long enough to satisfy your women. So to get rid of your sexual issue such as premature ejaculation keep on reading to check out the tips that are mentioned below:

Relax and breathe:

When you are sure that you are about to ejaculate then instead of panicking you need to relax, calm down and breathe heavily. What most of the men does when they are about to cum is they start panicking. Panic does not solve any solution rather it makes it way worse. Thus you should not panic and you need to stay as calm as possible.

If you are breathing heavily then it will automatically relax your body and the level of excitement will drop down rapidly. Along with heavy breathing there is a small tip that you might also use. While breathing hold your tongue to the roof of the mouth. If you apply pressure in that area then it will help you to calm down really fast. This trick might not work for everybody but worth a try at least. Use this trick to make your body calm and relaxed and hold your ejaculation for prolong period of time.

Change your position:

Another best way to stop premature ejaculation is by changing your sex position. When you are having sex in constant same position then you are tend to ejaculate faster. If you change your sex positions then the time taken to from going from one position to another will give you enough time relax your mind as well body. It will help you to bring down the excitement level and your urge of climaxing will dissipate.

An added advantage of this trick is that you will be a spontaneous lover if you know how to mix up or spice up your sex life by changing your positions.

Step back for a while:

To stop premature ejaculation the main thing that you have to do is to bring down the stimulation of your sex organs. There are many ways of relaxing your body and stop the stimulation. One of the best proven ways is to step back or pause a little from what you are doing. Try to focus on other parts of her body.

A little pause and resume will help you a lot to hold you ejaculation for a longer period of time. Thus you can satisfy your partner and you can as well experience a great sexual pleasure.

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