Premature Ejaculation Leads To Poor Sex Experience


Premature ejaculation leads to the most embarrassing situation and thus gives a very poor sexual experience. Guys need to know few tricks to control their ejaculation. We all might know that guys ejaculate way faster than a woman. Thus you need to be able to have control over your ejaculation if you want to have a great sex. With only three steps you can hold your ejaculation for longer time period so that your partner can experience orgasm. If you are really interested in knowing how to hold your ejaculation then you need to keep on reading the article.

First thing you need to do is foreplay. Foreplay is a great way of holding your ejaculation for longer and bringing her the orgasms. Especially men try to jump in the bed and starts doing it. Well this is wrong because this way you are definitely going to end up ejaculating way faster and your partner will not be pleased at all.

Thus you have to do foreplay to please your woman completely. While foreplay you need to use your hand and also your tongue. To get her stimulated you need to kiss all over her. Thus after foreplay when you are all set to have sex with your partner, she will already experience the orgasm since you have already stimulated her from before.

Now the next step is regarding the actual act and that is sex. Doing it fast because of the over excitement will leave you ejaculating faster than your women. Thus you need to take the road of slow and steady. If you are being slow then you have the power to monitor the level of your own excitement.

Even while being slow if you think that you are about to come then you need to take a step back and calm yourself. Let the rush leave and then you can again resume. Thus this way you can hold onto your ejaculation for much longer time which will result to a satisfied sexual experience for you and your partner as well.

Now the final and last step is about three things. They are your breathing, calmness and confidence. These three are the most important key to have great sex without ejaculating faster. Breathing and staying calm goes hand in hand. Most of the time man gets over excited to be able to have sex with their love lady and thus result in premature ejaculation. You need to understand that if you have the power to control your mind and keep it calm then you can control your ejaculation.

Now is the time for the confidence. It is the most important part of anyone's life. Low confidence level leaves you with unsatisfied and disappointed sexual experience. You need to have strong belief that you are satisfying your lady beyond her imagination. This will boost your sexual confidence greatly and will make a great impact in your sex life.

Thus follow the above steps very careful and enjoy sex to the fullest.

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