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When it comes to the sexual intercourse the main two things which often lead to embarrassment for men as well as women are penis size and the time took for the men to ejaculate. Most men are more likely to ejaculate much before than the woman does. It only results in disappointments in sex life but also ends up having an unsatisfied sexual experience. Premature ejaculation leads to the breaking of many long term committed relationships as well as marriages.

Due to the following circumstances many men were wondering about the solution to this problem for many years now. Thus many scientists and researchers have been working on this for all this years and came up with some brilliant solutions. Some of those solutions are mentioned below.

Relax and focus on something else:

The main reason of premature ejaculation in men is simply because of overexcitement. Men love sex and while having sexual intercourse they get too much excited about the sensual pleasure. You need to calm yourself down and relax your mind. Bring down the excitement level to as minimum as possible. To do so you need to focus on something else other than the sensual pleasure you are going through.

If you distract your mind to anything else such as thinking about work, sports or any other non sexual thing then your sexual pleasure will last long. This way you will be able to resolve the problem of premature ejaculation.

Use lubrication to condom:

It has been found out in a survey that those men who add more lubrication to the condoms while having intercourse are more likely to last for prolonged period in bed. Not only that but also women finds it more satisfying and pleasurable when more lubricants are used during the act. So if you wish to enhance the intensity and last for prolonged time in bed you need to use some lubes for men.

There are basically 3 best kinds of lube which are easily available in the market. They are water based lube with glycerine, water based lube without glycerine and silicone lube.

  • Water based lube with glycerine: It is the cheapest lubricant which is available in the market. It doesn't stain fabrics and costs as less as 6.49 dollars.
  • Water based lube without glycerine: This is far better lubricant than the one which comes with glycerine. This is organic as well as natural product which promises to last longer. To add more benefits to it, it is much more edible and does not even leave any stains in the fabric. It is completely vegan product and is available in any local drugstores. It is slightly expensive than the before and costs only 14 dollars.
  • Silicon lube: It is latex friendly as well as silky smooth because it is made of 100 percent silicon. You can use it while you are under steamy shower. The price ranges from 10 dollars to up depending on the vendor and size.

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