Know Everything About Having Sex When You Are Pregnant


Pregnancy has a very sweet meaning for the married couple. It changes the relationship between the couples and makes them stronger and closer. Still the main problem arises with the sexual relationship. Lots of uncertainty and question arises during pregnancy but the first question that comes to the mind of the couples is whether they are able to continue having sex during pregnancy.

Will it affect the unborn baby?

When the thought of sex comes to the mind the next thing that the couples wonder whether any disease is transmitted or will it trigger labor. Well the truth is there will not be any problem if you engage in a sexual activity with your partner during pregnancy. You are allowed to enjoy yourself while having sex.

Most of the pregnant women do not like to engage in missionary position as it makes it unpleasant for them. The spoon position where the man is behind the woman or the lateral position where the man and the woman faces each other sideways is considered to be pleasant.

While having sex during pregnancy you should always use condoms so as to protect the unborn baby as well as the mother from getting any kind of infections.

Mental stress:

When a woman gets pregnant and expecting a baby for the very first time, during the pregnancy, lots of changes takes place throughout their body. These changes affects the women so much that usually they tend to give up having sex. In this case the partner is bound to think that he is no longer important to her life as he was earlier.

Pregnancy also has some effects on the men. They need to be ready to connect to the unborn baby and also accept the change that goes on with your partner. You need to be sure about taking responsibility of another person in your life.

During pregnancy many questions arises which puts them into mental stress. It is quite natural but if not kept under control then it might take a serious turn at you.

Important discussion:

There is no specific rule about having sex during pregnancy. Different woman goes through different pregnancy situations. In this case men need to fulfil the wishes of their wife. Though there are some physical changes as well as hormonal changes your wife is still the same person as she was before pregnancy.

During pregnancy women gets more sensitive. They gets nervous more often, cry more often and often goes through sleeping disorders. Thus at this time the men should support their wife emotionally. She should be known that she is still loved as the old ways even she disagrees to have sex with you. Having sex does not only mean the same sex you used to do before pregnancy or the sexual intercourse. Cuddling, spooning, intimacy, showing affections in all possible ways are also included.

Having sex during pregnancy has always brought the couple much closer and connected them at heightened level.

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