It Is Advised Not To Have Sex With The Animals


In the recent days every person, especially men, always think about same thing and that is having sex. Satisfaction or pleasure received from the sexual intercourse is all they only care about. Because of this reason the rate of one night stands and having sex on first dates haves rapidly increased. This kind of sexual drive and sexual needs have become so important for the men that it does not matter whether the partner is human being or some animals.

Yes, it is true that there are many men who already had or at least thinking about having coitus with animals. This idea has cropped up in their mind because lack of female friends to have sex with. When a particular person with high sex drive does not get anyone to have sexual intercourse with, they try and find some animals to do it with.

Statistics about sex with animal:

Some researchers have polled approximately 500 Brazilian men from dozen cities and it has been found out that almost 35 percent of those men already had sexual encounter with an animal. Now this has become a huge issue as because if you have coitus with animals such as pig, donkey, horse or any other it has a great chance of developing penile cancer by 42 percent.

To add some more statistics, in a recent study it has also been found out that the average age when the participants of the study had their first coitus with an animal is only at 13.5 years. The study also shows that the animals which is highly preferred to have sex with is horses then comes donkey, chickens and goats and the last place is for the pig.

The study also shows that almost 30 percent of the person who had coitus with an animal had done it in the presence of some company. It is highly presumed that the other company is a human being. One of the best news which has been found out from that study is that those men who “made it” with some animal have stopped doing it once they had their first sexual intercourse with some human partner.

Beside all the odds there is one more issue with having coitus with an animal. In a study it has been proven that the anal mucous and secretion of an animal contains carcinogens. It can very easily enter to the manhood of the person via microbrasions while having sexual intercourse.

If you want to stay healthy and fit and don't want to risk getting penile cancer you should never attempt to have sex with any animals. Having coitus with animals is not only dangerous but also a very cheap act. You need to control your sex drive and demands. If you get tempted by seeing any farm animals then you seriously need to get an immediate check up as because it is not a matter of joke and should be take care of with intense care.

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