How To Convince Your Partner To Do Everything That You Want In The Bedroom?


Most of the couples don't even what great sex really means because they only had mediocre sex throughout their whole lives. They only dream about having an awesome sex but ends up with a so-so experience. For lots of couples the true fact is that the sex drive of the women gradually decreases when the period of relationships increases, the sex drive for man is way more than woman and either one or both the partners are cheating on each other. Well if not cheating then at least thinking about doing it.

Now it is quite sure that the above ingredients are not a proof of a fulfilling, wildly and happy sexual relationship. Well there is a very simple solution to improve the sex life and get everything that you want between the sheets. If you are really looking forward to those easy and simple tips then you need to carry on reading this article carefully.

First you need to understand that women are sexual reciprocative which means that they will give you what they got. If they had a bad experience then they will carry forward it to you too but if they had the most wonderful and memorable sex experience then they will satisfy you completely. So to have great sex experience you need satisfy your lady and to do so you need to think about sex according to hers point of view.

There are five things you need to do to satisfy her completely and they are mentioned below:

  • Women want to be submissive. That means while having sex you have to take the complete charge and lead the way. You have to be the one making all the love making decisions and let her follow your leads.
  • For most of women, sex is a mental experience. They do not get completely satisfied only physically rather you need to stimulate her brain as well. To seed all the naughty thoughts in her mind you need to talk about sex before having sex. Women's mind gets stimulated with the dirty talks while having sex.
  • Make her roar: if a woman is having a great sex then she will moan loudly with the orgasms. If she doesn't shout or make noise then you are doing something wrong. If she is screaming with orgasms then you are doing it right.
  • You need to focus on other parts too than only the clitoris. Woman love to get vaginal, anal and squirting orgasms too. Only rubbing the clitoris will not make your lady completely satisfied. You can stimulate her vaginal orgasms by rubbing with your fingers or licking it with your tongue. G-spot is the most sensual part of a women's body. It is 2 inch inside the vagina and it is like a rough patch. Rubbing the G-spot with your fingers is a guaranteed way of bring more and more orgasms.

Thus follow the above mentioned step and satisfy you women completely. If they are satisfied then they will surely reciprocate it to you.

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