Having Sex On The First Few Dates Should Be Avoided


Sex is a very critical issue while discussing about dating. Sex and dating is inextricable interconnection. It is to the belief of modern women and men that depending on the sexual pleasure the relationship can be judged. A good sexual experience indicates a good chemistry between the couple and thus they might hit a long term relationship. To some extent this is true but it might cause negative consequences if one of the partners has high sexual drive than the other.

You can never underestimate the relationship where both the partners are sexually compatible. Even a long term, loving and committed relationship can break down if the sexual chemistry is neither maintained nor even established. This does not mean that you need to have sex or engage in sexual activity, rather close intimacy or any type of romance. Your partner has to feel the exact same way about sex as you do so as to make the relationship a better and healthier one.

Everybody might know that men have more sex drive than a woman. So if any man is attracted towards any specific woman then he will certainly like to have sex with her. Well, if you really like someone and want to grow a long lasting bond with her then you don't need to have sex with her. You need to grow the anticipation and desire with time so that your emotions and true feelings reach to a heightened state. Now if you and the person you are dating only demand for physical connection from each other then having sex on the very first date won't be a bed idea.

There are many men and women out there who go on a date only to encounter in a sexual experience but there are others too who look for their soul mate. Having sex on the very first date or within few dates can create complications if the expectation from that date is different. To avoid this mishap, you need to look on some online dating sites which provide the option to engage in serious relationship or casual ones. There are plenty of web sites over the internet where, both, women and men share their demands, needs and sexual requirements.

When any couples engage in a sexual experience it can be extremely wonderful as there will be build up and expectations but those expectations can even ruin the entire sexual pleasure. It is simple matter of time to get adjusted and know what each one likes when it is about sex. Having a high expectation from sex can be catastrophe if the expectations are fulfilled. With time and experience of having sex with each other, it will get better each and every time.

Thus if you are looking for long term relationship with the person you are out on a date then try to avoid having sex on that very first date. It will only complicate the emotions and feelings of each other.

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