Having Sex On Camping Adds A Extra Rush Feeling<


Most of the couple gets bored from sex by being in a long term relationship or in a marriage. Instead of trying and finding new ways to embark upon that old journey of sex life they try to stop it all together. However they neither find ways to be satisfied nor find ways to be happy completely. The simple reason behind this is they stopped having sex. Only sex can provide the ultimate satisfaction to life mentally as well as physically.

Thus the couples need to find new and exciting ways to make their sex life keep on going without making it bore to either of the couple. One of the great ways to spice your sex life up is by having sex while going out on a camping. Camping offers loads of different options to the couples that they can experience. With camping you can have the most beautiful outdoor adventure and having sex while out for camping brings the extra spiciness to your life.

Risky factors:

Before you plan out for having sex while going out for camping you need to be aware about the risks it involves. First of all you won't get the ultimate privacy which you can easily get in any hotel or at home. So if you are considering and planning to do it you need to know how you can keep yourself aloof from getting into any kind of worst possible outcomes.

You need to know that there are only 3 kinds of people who go to camping and they are exhibitionists, those who love to do risky sex and, last but not the least, the voyeurs. Basically having sex while going out on camping is nothing but public sex even you do it inside of your tent.

Apart from getting caught there is another risky factor and that is getting bite from any bugs or ticks. It's a forest so there will be some infectious insects which will be a complete turn off while having the most intimate or romantic encounters.

Ways to minimize the risky factors:

The best thing about a sexy hike is the rush of getting caught. No matter how sexy it sounds you need to think about the ways to minimize that risk so that you don't actually get caught. The simple way to do it is to engage in a sexual intercourse in your own tent where other people will not make much scene about it.

Another way of avoiding the factor of getting caught is to do it in the most secluded part of that location. You need to know that having sex in nudist location can be extremely fun but even anyone finds you then they are most likely to call police.

Instead of putting strawberry flavoured body spray you need to put some bug spray. It will not be sexy at all but at least you won't be infected while having the most awesome sexual experience of your life.

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