Don't Just Dream Rather Have Sex In A Car


When your relationship gets quite old it becomes quite natural to wonder about new things to try to make the sex life better. There are many ways and many dreams that a guy sees when it comes to having sex. The first thing that comes to the mind is having sex in car. That is a great idea.

Many people have already tried it and have successful played it well. Some only dreams about it and wonders too many questions about it. It is quite normal to think about all the consequences beforehand but you need to take a step forward to it as well.

How to come up with it?

It is very simple because all you need to do is to talk to your partner about it. With only a good communication a good relationship builds strong and matures. It is advised to talk and listen to your partner instead of forcing her to fulfil your wish. Sex can only be enjoy when her mind and body is completely relaxed. You will not get the best sexual pleasure if she is under any kind of pressure.

Just sit with a glass of wine and talk to your partner about your wishes and needs. You need to let her know that you want to experience something new and interesting which will benefits the relationship. A woman likes those guys who are understanding and gentleman.

Consequences you might have to face:

Before you take some risk it is a smart idea to think about the consequences that you might fall in. Well having sex in car is a bit tricky and risky as well. The main question arises is what happens when you get caught. Well to be hones nothing much happen if you are having sex under the following situations.

  • The couples having sex should be of legal age.
  • You cannot have sex in public place.
  • All the acts need to be consensual
  • Make sure there are no presences of any juveniles around the area.
  • You cannot posses any illegal weapons or drugs in your car.

If you fall under those situations then you will be released without much hassle. If not, then you might be charged with the following.

  • A tight slap as public indecency charge.
  • You can be finned up to around 1000 dollars
  • You can also be charged with jail time.


With the after effects of getting caught from having sex in car might seem to be a real risky step to do. Once you come out of that fear and do it, you will see a drastic change in your overall relationship. Your partner, for one, is really going to open up more in bed and will agree to more interesting things to try and experiment.

Thus make your dream about having sex in car come true only by getting the fear out of yourself.

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